strategic plans

Executive Summary

This Information Technology Office Strategic Plan outlines the vision and planning context for moving forward with information technology for St. George's University.
IT Office Vision

All members of the St. George's University community will have access to a first-class information technology infrastructure.

In order to achieve this vision there are a number of strategic objectives to be met. They begin with seven key application areas for information technology and continue to areas of concern in infrastructure, management and funding. In each area specific actions are presented to achieve the objective.

Teaching, Learning and Students

The University will effectively use technology to extend its instructional activities throughout all of its locations, while applying technology to improve the quality of instruction and services delivered to students both on and off campus.

  • Enhance Instructional Technology Support
  • Provide Classroom Technology
  • Assess/Enhance Campus Information Technology Labs
  • Connect Student Housing
  • Address Student Access Issues
  • Provide Technical Infrastructure for E-Learning
  • Develop Policies that Support Teaching with Technology

Administrative Services

Modern administrative information systems will provide every member and customer of the University community with integrated access to appropriate administrative information and services in a reduced paper environment.

  • Develop Integrated Access to Administrative Services
  • Implement Integrated Data Warehouse

Communications and Network Services

The University will provide all members of its community with ubiquitous, standardized, secure, reliable communications services of appropriate capacity to support instruction, research, and administration on a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week basis.

  • Continue to Upgrade Campus Networks
  • Continue to Enhance Intercampus Network
  • Monitor Emerging Networking Technologies
  • Leverage Network for Improved Inter-campus Collaboration
  • Continue Development of Network Operations Center
  • Enhance University wide Directory, File sharing and Calendar Services
  • Enhance Information Security Capability

Space and Facilities

All University campuses and facilities will be information technology friendly, with a reliable modern technical infrastructure equipped for services appropriate to their use.

  • Develop, Apply and Maintain Construction Standards

Faculty and Staff Support
The University community will be able to use information technologies appropriately and effectively with the assistance of an able and committed information technology support staff.

  • Provide Administrators, Faculty, and Staff with Up-to-Date Networked Computers
  • Provide an Adequate Technical Support Staff
  • Provide Adequate Professional Development Opportunities
  • Provide Adequate HR Practices for IT Professionals

Information Technology Management and Funding

The University will effectively manage the converging and rapidly advancing technologies of computing and communications across the University system and at each campus or college by employing sound fiscal practices.

  • Continue to budget IT Costs as Ongoing Operational Expenses

As a whole, these actions are neither speculative nor aggressive. Rather, this is a set of fairly conservative actions that will establish and continue to provide a reliable, up-to-date and well-managed technology infrastructure to enable contemporary teaching, learning, research and administrative planning and operations to flourish.
Dominick Albertelli
Executive Director
Office of Information Technology
St. George's University
Revised September 10, 2015