LAMS 501 Veterinary Physical Diagnosis II

(1 cr.) (Didactic 0.6 cr./Laboratory-PBL 0.3 cr./Other 0.1 cr.) This course is the large animal corollary to Veterinary Physical Diagnosis I SAMS 515 and consists of expanded physical examination to include lameness and cranial nerves/ neurologic examination, as well as practical lectures, hands- on laboratories, and case-based modules for equine and bovine species. The POMR/SOAP format is emphasized and practiced with case-based learning, which also encourages students to integrate material from previous and concurrent anatomy, physiology, and basic science courses as they relate to clinical cases. Students practice ultrasonographic imaging, radiography, limb bandaging and other diagnostic evaluations of the large animal patient. Utilization of the SGU Simulation Laboratory allows technical training in venipuncture, intravenous catheter placement, intramuscular/ dermal injection, and sterile preparation technique. Group presentation format requires students to perform and practice case workup and communication skills through presentation of medical cases to faculty and classmates.