SCSK 501 Speech Skills for Professionals

Bill Blunt, DEd

This selective is an online communication workshop designed to provide the techniques and concepts needed to improve students’ communication skills as professionals in today’s US marketplace. The acquired speaking skills will improve performance in interviews, presentations, and interactions with colleagues and peers. Emphasis will be placed on preparation, body language, and image. Essential to competing in the US job market today is the ability to convey information and concepts distinctly without language barriers. To this end, this workshop will enhance students’ English pronunciation while reducing foreign accents. In addition, students will learn the factors that influence their speech qualities, such as verbal debris and volume. Throughout the one-credit course, each student will have opportunities to hear his/her voice through recordings and engage in self-critique in order to become acutely aware of modifications. Once identified, students will work through practice exercises and find solutions in online discussions and resources to rectify errors.