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Private educational lenders in the United States offer St. George's University students alternate loans. US Students can apply for these loans to meet all or part of their cost of attendance. Some lenders may also offer private loan programs for parents, guardians, sponsors, or other individuals who wish to borrow on behalf of the student to help fund their education. These private loan programs are all credit based and are offered only to borrowers who have a satisfactory credit history as determined by the lender. The loans may have a fixed or variable interest rate that is tied to an index, such as LIBOR or PRIME, plus a margin. The interest rates and fees you pay on a private student loan are based on your credit score and the credit score of your cosigner, if applicable.  These loans have repayment terms begin following graduation or withdrawal from school and may be able to be extended up to 25 years. 

The Financial Aid Office at SGU provides extensive financial aid counseling services to students in order to help them understand eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions. 

St. George's University does not prefer, recommend, promote, endorse, or suggest any lenders. You are not required to borrow from any of the lenders appearing on these lists and there is no penalty for selecting a different lender, if available.

Applications for private loans are completed by the applicant and certified by a Financial Aid Counselor. For additional information, Financial Aid Counselors can be reached Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST at:

Telephone: 1-800-899-6337 ext 1232
Fax: (631) 666–9162