Student Organizations

St. George’s University student organizations are centered on different areas of student life: cultural, religious, social, academic, professional, and community service. The Office of the Dean of Students, cognizant of the benefits of active student involvement, offers support for over 50 student organizations in Grenada, and for students in clinical rotations. Students seeking additional information on organizations and student associations that support the following categories may contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Academic Organizations

St. George's University's student chapter of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) was introduced in Fall 2002. The club promotes the ideals of this well known association through informative lectures, hands-on wet labs, and up-to-date demonstrations by qualified veterinarians with concentration on practical small animal care. AAHA offers free national membership for all veterinary students, plus many more benefits. It is proud to be one of AAHA's largest and most active student chapters with over 70 percent student membership within the SVM.

As an International chapter of the American Medical Students Association (AMSA), this group promotes active improvement in medical education, world health care delivery, and the enhancement of social, moral, and ethical obligations of the medical profession. The St. George's University chapter has on average 600 AMSA members, making it one of AMSA's largest chapters. You can join at

The BSA has been organized to facilitate student support and professional development through business and social activities. These activities are geared toward the attainment and application of sound moral and ethical practices by all business students. The BSA aims to facilitate student interaction with the local and international business communities, assist students in career selection, assist faculty in organizing guest speakers and lectures, and to facilitate the practical aspect of the event management course.

The Clinical Research Society strives to provide selected "basic science" medical students the opportunity to perform interdisciplinary research in the fields of basic and clinical medical science and produce, under the direction of specific faculty principal investigators, quality and relevant research while simultaneously emphasizing and fostering academic excellence.

The mission of Education, Conservation, and Outreach (ECO) is to facilitate environmental awareness through research and education. ECO hopes to raise public awareness about issues affecting marine and terrestrial ecosystems through school forums and lectures at SGU conducted by visiting lecturers and scientists. Moreover, it hopes to raise awareness through local school competitions and presentations. Additionally, it aims to disseminate its own research to the general public and student body relating to the environment. The issues to be highlighted in its awareness campaigns include pollution, poaching, overharvesting of local species, climate change, and exploration of unidentified organisms that have not been listed under Grenada’s species list.

Students from a variety of backgrounds choose to join the EMC to learn more about emergency medicine, help the local community, and get a jumpstart on their clinical years through several hands-on workshops. The club regularly invites guest speakers to talk with students about emergency medicine, obtaining residencies, and recent advances that have been made in the field. All students are welcome to join.

The Exotics and Wildlife Society works to increase veterinary knowledge and experience with unique, non-traditional animals for all levels of veterinary students at St. George's University. The organization focuses specifically on providing opportunities for student learning in the areas of avian, laboratory animal, marine, reptile, wildlife, and zoo medicine. By working with a wide variety of excellent faculty and visiting professors, it is able to offer students lectures, hands-on wet labs, and other activities focusing on these diverse categories of veterinary medicine.

The Family Medicine Club aims to educate current and future SGU medical students about the range of opportunities and challenges of a family practice career. The goals of the club are educating, volunteering, mentoring, and encouraging caring and compassion in developing primary care physicians.

The Humanitarian Service Organization aims to support SGUSOM's chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) by promoting community service and professionalism in medicine and medical education during SGUSOM's preclinical curriculum. Each term HSO organizes one or more educational or developmental projects for volunteer service in the Grenadian community and/or on campus. These may involve campus activities to promote cultural sensitivity, community health fairs, health education at Grenadian schools, home care visits to support patients and relieve caregivers, and other options. Society and the medical profession gain directly through such service and, less directly, from future physicians who have nurtured a social conscience in themselves and among their peers. Student members also benefit through experience in project development and implementation, leadership, developing professional competencies associated with patient care, engaging with communities that are socioeconomically and culturally different from their own, and/or in other areas.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Students Association (ALPS) was duly incorporated to represent both the academic and non-academic interest of its members. The group’s aim is to ensure that all its members are well-rounded through a number of events it intends on organizing and executing, namely academic week, brown-bag seminars and workshops. While ALPS is primarily for those within the humanities and social sciences department. It is open as well to those with the desire to create, invoke, change, and enlighten. In a contemporary society that is swiftly advancing with each passing day, being OK will ensure your continued existence, but it is in the distinguishing of one’s self from the competition that the individual would ensure not only his/her continued existence, but that of others. This is the unyielding objective of the Humanities and Social Sciences student organization: to create, to inspire, to enlighten, to change.

The International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) is an independent, non-governmental, and non-political federation of medical students’ associations worldwide. IFMSA-Grenada is the forum for medical students in Grenada to the worldwide IFMSA body, which represents more than one million medical students to the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Internationally there are almost 100 member countries of IFMSA; IFMSA-Grenada joined the international body in 2009. IFMSA is considered a major partner when it comes to issues relating to global health.

The Internal Medicine Club (IMC) at SGU is aimed at exposing students to the practice of internal medicine as well as the many sub-specialties it encompasses. The organization acts as an educational resource to members by providing career guidance, hosting guest lecturers, and conducting clinical skills seminars. One of the goals of the organization is to familiarize students with the general field of internal medicine and its many medical sub-specialties in order to provide better insight into what career the student wishes to pursue. Through our clinical skills seminars focused on physician/student interactions, the group aims to better prepare SGU students for their third and fourth years. By learning about the different training paths offered through internal medicine, it is hoped that students will be aided in thinking about future career goals.  

The International Veterinary Students Assocation (IVSA) exists to benefit animals and people by harnessing the potential and dedication of veterinary students to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education, and knowledge. IVSA wants to raise the overall standard of veterinary education by increasing international and intercultural exchange of ideas and knowledge by organizing student exchange programs and attending international congresses and symposiums. IVSA also hopes to encourage students to undertake education in important areas outside their normal training.

Iota Epsilon Alpha (IEA) is a student organization comprised of students who have excelled academically and are willing to participate in various extracurricular activities and international health projects. The mission of IEA is to promote the pursuit of academic excellence and integrity of scholarship and research; to recognize outstanding achievements in the study, practice and science of medicine; to encourage the highest standards of character, conduct, leadership, and compassion; to improve the overall morale of medical students and graduates locally and worldwide; and to promote, and where possible, provide for the public health and welfare of the underprivileged and medically indigent, locally and worldwide.

The Journal Club of St. George's University was founded to provide a forum for students to discuss current biomedical research. Members read and analyze recent research and reviews of clinical significance and particular interest to them. They then present encapsulations of this research to their peers in an organized format. Keeping up with current research and developing effective presentations are critical skills for health care professionals and the Journal Club seeks to prepare SGU students for the challenges they will meet along these lines in clinical years and beyond.

The Large Animal Society strives to enhance the veterinary education by conducting hands-on wet labs and lectures significant to large animal profession. Through student representatives from professional organizations such as the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, and the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, LAS remains current on all major topics of large animal medicine. An island outreach project provides care for the diverse population of large animals on the island.

The Management Information Systems and Information Technology Association servse as a focus group at SGU for all MIS and IT students and other members of the SGU community interested in technology, its management, and other similarly related affairs. The Club organizes activities aimed at fostering interaction among the technology-based community. In addition, the club introduces, in depth, the technological field and its surroundings to the rest of the SGU community as well as outside SGU.

The St. George's University Nursing Student Association (SGUNSA) is organized for those interested in assisting in the improvement of the healthcare system on the island of Grenada through active campaign endeavors geared at purchasing specialized equipment to donate to the General Hospital. It endeavors to elevate the standard of the nursing profession and promote the advancement of the nursing career through student unification, education and the practice of the discipline within the University and the outer community. This will be done through a community outreach program that includes regular visits to the local homes and shelters, educational lectures and seminars that will address some of the pertinent medical issues facing the nursing profession and Grenada today.

The Pediatrics Club is a student organization for students in the SGU community who seek to learn more about the field of pediatrics. The goal of the club is to promote and stimulate interest in pediatric medicine through various events and activities as well as provide service to children of the local Grenadian community.

The purpose of Physicians for Human Rights is to mobilize health professionals to advance health, dignity, and justice and promote the right to health for all. Harnessing the specialized skills, rigor, and passion of doctors, nurses, public health specialists, and scientists, PHR investigates human rights abuses and works to stop them. The purpose of this student chapter is to support the campaigns of Physicians for Human Rights and to advance the understanding and commitment to health and human rights activism locally, nationally and globally. The SGU student chapter operates in Grenada, at North Umbria in the UK and in the USA for students who are completing clinical placements there. Visit for more information.

The Premed Biology Student Organization (PBSO) was developed with the main aim of promoting scientific research in the biological Sciences and to increase awareness of chronic and prevalent diseases in Grenada. We seek to provide future scientists and physicians with opportunities that will nurture and foster professional development. This organization aims to increase the academic performance of students in the biology and pre-med departments and to provide members with leadership skills critical for the work world. Finally, it aims to create a bond among members that will last beyond the walls of St. George’s University through hosting a number of events such as guest lectures, workshops, seminars, visits to health care facilities, and a variety of social activities. The club is open to anyone who is interested in the biological sciences.

The Public Health Student Association (PHSA) is an organization primarily consisting of MPH, MD/MPH, and DVM/MPH students. Its function is to promote aspects of public health and preventive medicine through education and various activities within the school and broader community. An ongoing goal is to form a bridge between the Grenada Public Health Association and PHSA. Past events have included a poverty eradication forum, Woburn community cleanup, Carriacou day trip, etc.

This organization was established with the belief that diagnostic radiology has a place in the future of all students of St. George’s University. The primary focus is on students who have an interest in radiology as a career, but the club acknowledges and champions the reality that knowledge in this specialty is applicable to many careers in medicine. This group provides a source of information about pursuing a career in radiology and additional exposure to diagnostic imaging through group discussion, tutoring, and guest lecturing. It is the belief of this organization that this will better prepare students of SGU for the amount of imaging encountered in clinical and residency training and well into our careers.

The School of Veterinary Medicine Surgery Club (SVMSC) will further the knowledge and skills of the student body by introducing students to the basics of surgery as well as advancements and new techniques being applied to surgery. The SVMSC will provide examples of new and alternative techniques in the surgical field for all species. The SVMSC will collaborate with human medicine and the development of trans-species surgical adaptations.

St. George's University Neuroscience Society is a student-run organization, provided with invaluable guidance by the neuroscience department of St. George's University. Primarily, it is dedicated to medical/undergraduate/pre-med students interested in the fields of general surgery, neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, and/or neuroscience research. Secondarily, it is an organization that focuses on providing knowledge and fun activities for local school kids in the field of neurosciences through the Brain Awareness Program. To that aim, as part of SGUNS, we will sponsor and organize events, per semester, that will focus on different aspects of neurosciences, and importantly provide valuable knowledge and enjoyment in taking part in a number of activities. SGUNS events include setting up clinical workshops, inviting guest speakers, and the Brain Awareness Program.

The St. George’s University Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine promotes interest in the specialties of cardiology, neurology, oncology, large animal internal medicine, and small animal internal medicine. SCACVIM also supports individuals interested in pursuing residencies and internships in any field by the advancement of knowledge through informative lectures, hands-on wet labs and open forums discussions with our outstanding faculty and visiting professors.
The Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA) coordinates chapter functions; organizes special lectures and seminars; promotes the exchange of ideas and information among students in all terms within and outside of St. George's University; promotes the development of professional knowledge, ethics and conduct; and represents its members in matters that concern them, both as students and future veterinarians.

The Student Chapter of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians (SCASV) is a student organization established to advance the practice of shelter medicine by promoting interest and raising awareness among SGU veterinary students. SCASV will achieve this goal, in line with the goals of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians, by providing its members with lectures and hands-on labs taught by professionals currently in the shelter medicine field. SCASV will also focus on disseminating valuable resources and current research to those members seeking a career in shelter medicine.

The SGA has been organized to provide the students at St. George's University with a structured, democratic body that will represent them in administrative matters, student affairs, and provide representation to the Alumni Association. The organizational goals of the SGA are:
1. Represent student needs and concerns to University administration.
2. Assist the administration with the task of making improvements in SGU.
3. Increase the sense of community and cooperation among the students, faculty
and administration of SGU.

The objective of the Student Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society (SVECCS) is to encourage the education and involvement of veterinary students in all aspects of emergency and critical care medicine. SVECCS covers on-call shifts at the Small Animal Hospital assisting the veterinarians in whatever cases come in. The organization features various lectures from guest speakers and hands-on wet labs based on real life emergency situations. SVECCS also offers scholarships, educational reference materials, and gives opportunities for internships in emergency and critical care medicine to members.

The Surgery Club offers all SGU students, regardless of future professional interests, an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including learning suturing techniques as well as observing surgeries at the local hospital.
For more information, visit

The Preveterinary Club provides opportunities to gain basic knowledge and practical experience within the field of veterinary medicine for those with, and without, prior veterinary experience. We volunteer around the island to better the lives of animals in Grenada and the organizations who serve those animals. The club allows preveterinary students to get together both for fun and to address issues that affect them. It works with other clubs to make the preveterinary program more involved in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

The Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) of the St. George's University is a representative of all Undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences, which comprises the following programs: pre-med, pre-vet, life sciences, business, management information systems, liberal studies, information technology, and nursing. The USGA acts on behalf of undergraduate students to address concerns, and assist in their development in academic and non-academic matters in an effort to ensure that they are afforded the best experience possible at the University.

The Veterinary Business Management Assocation (VBMA) is a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the veterinary profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals. The VBMA strives to expand student awareness and knowledge through scheduling speakers and organizing seminars to cover relevant topics to veterinary practice that lie outside the current veterinary medical curriculum, with an emphasis on business management, finance, leadership, marketing, law, and communication skills.

The SGU Veterinary Pathology Club (VPC) is a student organization established to promote interest and provide learning opportunities within the field of veterinary pathology.  To achieve this mission, the VPC is designed to facilitate student interactions with pathology faculty and board-certified veterinary pathologists.  Regularly scheduled learning activities include: guest speakers, various necropsy wet labs, histopathology slide sessions, and career guidance. Wet labs, learning sessions, and guest seminars will revolve around the many different career paths within veterinary pathology: diagnostic pathology, forensic pathology, wildlife and exotic pathology, toxicologic pathology, as well as academia and research. 

The mission of the Veterinary Student Herpetological Society (VSHS) is to improve veterinary education in herpetological medicine through the exchange of ideas and educational materials, by educating members about Grenada's unique herpetofauna and by giving members hands-on experience with the club's live animal collection. Additionally, as the first international student chapter of the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV), the VSHS strives to promote the conservation of the health and humane treatment of all reptilian and amphibian species through public education, captive breeding and reptilian and amphibian habitat preservation. In March 2008, the VSHS became a registered student organization at St. George's University. Visit the organization at

WIM is a committee that advocates for the interests of women in medicine, particularly physicians-in-training. It promotes women's health, emphasizing well-being and autonomy and works for the inclusion of women's health issues in medical school curricula and continuing medical education. The organization also works to affirm the basic right of reproductive freedom and to educate women to become full participants in their own health care. For example, as a part of community education, the group participates in community health fairs and offers breast exam screening, self-exam instruction, resources, and referrals. There are many workshops, guest lectures, and activities planned during each semester to benefit students, staff, and the community.

Religious/Cultural Organizations

African Cultural Students Association
The African Cultural Students Association (AFCSA) was established to facilitate interaction and unity between African students, students of African descent and all those who identify with the African continent in any form at St. George’s University in Grenada. AFCSA aims to serve as a medium that advances the interests of African students at St. George’s University and to display the beauty of the various African cultures to the St George’s University community. Our motto is "SIMUNYE". This is a Zulu word for “We Are One”. We all originated from many Countries, possess and display many Cultures, but are unified as One.

Armenian Students’ Association
The Armenian Students' Association at St. George’s University (ASA at SGU), founded in November 2012, strives to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Armenian history, heritage, and culture through social, philanthropic, and educational activities. As an organization, we are focused on providing a space where students of Armenian descent can connect with their roots, network with one another, and give back to their communities – whether on campus, the Armenian community, and local charity organizations supporting Grenada. The ASA at SGU works with other cultural, social, philanthropic, and academic groups on campus to promote an appreciation of all cultures and people.

Asian Pacific Islander Student Association
The Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (APISA) is an organization devoted to spreading awareness and visibility of Pan-Asian culture at St. George's Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Undergraduate Studies, and the various professional schools with the goal of increasing the diversity of experiences of the student body and the island of Grenada. It is an all-inclusive organization and welcomes anybody interested in learning more about Asian culture and being involved with the community of St. George's and the island of Grenada.
Canadian Students Association
The Canadian Students Association (CanSA) is an organization dedicated to the development of a community that supports and enhances the lives of Canadian and non-Canadian students alike at St. George's University. The goal of the club is to facilitate the transition of students to life at SGU and to provide information for Canadians studying abroad through a series of guest speakers. The organization also strives to enrich the entire community by sharing the rich heritage of Canada.

Caribbean Students Association (CaSA)
The Caribbean Student's Association was started in the year two thousand and one (2001) by students who saw a need for Caribbean unity on campus. However, membership is open to all students, Caribbean and non-Caribbean. The purpose of the Association was and is not only to bring together Caribbean students, but to provide further knowledge of the Caribbean culture and customs.
Catholic Students Organization
The goal of the Catholic Students Organization (CSO) is to provide the students, faculty and staff of St. George’s University with the spiritual guidance needed to live each day as practicing Catholics. In addition to facilitating weekly Sunday Mass on campus, the CSO is committed to providing support in celebrating the holidays of the Liturgical Year and sponsoring events that remind us that we walk with the Lord in faith. The CSO welcomes, as members, all SGU students and does not discriminate based on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or other personal beliefs.

Christian Students Association
The Christian Student Association (CSA) offers a non-denominational church service every Sunday morning at 11am in Bourne Lecture Hall. The services are composed of a worship service, prayer time, a short Biblical message given by a member of our leadership team, and a time of fellowship and refreshments afterwards. The students that attend CSA come from a wide range of church backgrounds which lends to a balanced, enjoyable service for all. It is student led and tries to offer an encouraging environment in which to go to school and grow in the knowledge of Christ.

Indian Cultural Student Association
The Indian Cultural Student Association (ICSA) is an organization that endeavors to share the Indian culture with the entire university and country of Grenada at large. The organization welcomes members from all races, colors, and creeds. ICSA hosts many different events on campus including a Diwali Show in the fall and a Holi Show in the spring. Both cultural shows include Indian dances, vocal acts, and various other performances.

Jewish Students Association
Being a medical student/veterinary and new resident of Grenada, it can be difficult to maintain a religious lifestyle. This is particularly true for the Jewish students of St. George's University since there is no local affiliation. With the help of Chabad in New York and Puerto Rico, the Jewish Students Association (JSA) brings shofar blasts for the Jewish new year, seders for Passover and get-togethers throughout the term. JSA makes services comprehensible to all sects of Judaism and is open to any/all students interested in participating.

Muslim Students Association
The Muslim Students Association (MSA) is a student organization that provides religious services and support for the SGU community. Its goal is to promote a positive understanding of Islam and its practice among people of all faiths and nationalities. Besides providing weekly Jummah (Friday) Prayer Services, MSA also sponsors community gatherings, dinners, and bi-annual holiday celebrations.
Persian Students Association
The Persian Student Association is a non-profit, non-political student organization whose objective is to sponsor Persian social and cultural activities and events, promote an understanding of Persian culture, to help foster friendship among different cultural groups, and to provide a source of union and support for the Persian community at St. George's University. PSA also provides various services to Iranian medical students in the form of its scholastic education which may include academic and or financial support, general inquiries, or anywhere else the PSA can be of assistance.

Seventh-Day Adventist Students Organization
The Seventh-day Adventist Students Organization (SDASO) is comprised of Seventh-day Adventist students and staff from around the world. Members range in nationality from the Caribbean region to the African, North and South American continents. Membership in the organization transcends the barriers of religious affiliation. Our mission is to foster the social and spiritual growth of students through fellowship and to proclaim the love of God and the second coming of Jesus Christ by the way we live. Our vision is to be a perpetual light reflecting God's truth to the wider community. All are welcome to join and share in the life-changing experience that is the Seventh-day Adventist Students Organization.

St. John's Orthodox Club
The Orthodox Church is the oldest church in the Christian history. It is rich in its sacraments, rituals, and teachings. The St. John’s Orthodox Club (SJOC) welcomes all Orthodox Christian students as well as any other interested members. Its aim is to gain spiritual, social, and personal growth. The club's mission is summarized by what St. John the Beloved said, "Behold, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another" (1 John 4:11).

Special Interest Groups

The mission of Angels in Armor (Animal Rescue Fund) (AAARF) is to provide financial relief to those students or faculty members of St. George’s University who opt to rescue sick or injured companion animals in need of emergency care and are without ownership. The Angels in Armor Organization of St. George’s University is a group of volunteers dedicated to encourage Good Samaritan behavior in our community as well as provide an outlet to save the lives of animals that would otherwise be euthanized for lack of financial capabilities. AAARF intends to promote and advance emergency medicine and critical care as a specialty for veterinary students through demonstrations, case studies and lectures.

Sports and sporting facilities on campus are organized by the Athletic Facilities Committee (AFC). Currently campus supports an intramurals program consisting of basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag-football, badminton, tennis, street hockey, and a developing softball and cricket tournament. It also supports several SGU rep teams that participate in community-based competitions such as cricket, soccer, netball, and basketball. For those with less competitive interests, there is a plethora of regular pick-up events that take place on the athletic field and court facilities. In addition to the above mentioned core activities the campus supports numerous aerobics classes, lacrosse, martial arts, ultimate Frisbee, and an expanding weight room and cardio center. There are also community-based activities available such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and cross country running or hiking. Check the Athletics section on Sakai for more information.

The Diagnostic Society is a special interest group and pilot program under the Office of the Provost of St. George’s University, comprising of members from the basic sciences years. The society’s goals of practicing, sharpening, and celebrating the art of diagnostic medicine are accomplished through case-based practice. Alumni physicians and specialists will provide real-life clinical cases and guidance in approaching and diagnosing a hypothetical patient, via teleconference. To simulate a true clinical experience, students will collaborate to develop their differential diagnoses, prioritizing based on symptomatology and organ pathology, and summarize the case based on the established diagnosis and prognosis over the sessions. The organization will meet regularly and provide its members the opportunity to practice clinical diagnosis with actual patient charts, review and apply material learned thus far in basic sciences, meet physicians in a small group setting, and generate relationships with peers. For more information, visit

The Orphanage Students Organization (OSO) is a group of volunteers that are committed to providing care and assistance to the abused, neglected and abandoned children in the Bel Air and Queen Elizabeth orphanages in Grenada. Many of the children suffer from developmental, social, and educational inadequacies. Through volunteer interactions the children receive well-needed attention, find a role model, and most importantly have fun. In addition to hosting beach days and holiday parties, the OSO also helps to address medical, academic, and other basic needs of the children.

The SGU Photography Club strives to provide students of the SGU community who seek to share their talent and learn more about the art of photography and/or filmmaking. The Club will be based on the exchange of talents, knowledge, and techniques between each student coming of different background and expertise, in a way every member will teach or improve his/her skills in the art of photography. Also, the members will have the opportunity to put their skills into action by being the photographer of a club event. The goal of the club is to introduce photography as a hobby that is accessible to everyone in the SGU community, be it a beginner, an amateur, or a professional.

PAPSA’s mission is to work with Pothounds Against Pregnancy in the sterilization of dogs and cats in Grenada. PAPSA's goal is to leave a PAWSitive impact by providing education to the local citizens of Grenada regarding proper animal husbandry and care, and veterinary services to surgical candidates presented for third year St. George's University School of Veterinary Medicine students. We provide short term foster homes for surgical candidates that are rejected due to health problems, so they can be rehabilitated and surgery can be rescheduled. Long term foster homes are also provided for unwanted puppies that need to find permanent adoptive homes and for severely injured or sick patients that need a place to recuperate.

Pride & Equality (P&E) SGU exists for the benefit of all members of the university in the hope of enriching their experience at SGU. As a result, the organization is open to anyone and everyone. P&E SGU is committed to the development of an atmosphere that is both open and equitable, specifically as that goal pertains to the needs of those who have been marginalized on the basis of their sexual and/ or gender orientations, and/or identities. By working with a wide variety of excellent faculty and visiting professors, the club is able to offer a number of educational events and social activities throughout the term focusing on various aspects of the LGBT community.

The Significant Others Organization (SOO) is comprised of spouses and significant others of students and faculty who have relocated to attend St. George's University. The mission of the SO group is to facilitate the transition of the significant others and their families to Grenada, to provide social and recreational activities for significant others and their families, to act as an informal support group for significant others and their families, to participate in and organize philanthropic activities for the Grenadian community, and to work together with students and administrators of St. George's University on various projects and activities. Visit SOO at

The student body has become increasingly involved with the community in Grenada through various volunteer projects. Students have donated time, money, and a tremendous amount of energy to projects such as the Kennedy Home for the Handicapped, the Grenada Health Fair, the St. George's University Fund for the Orphans and the Elderly, the Limes After School Program, the Queen Elizabeth Home for Orphans, and the Dorothy Hopkins Home for the Disabled. Information regarding volunteer opportunities can be found by contacting the Significant Other group.