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Cheryl Cox Macpherson, PhD

Cheryl Cox Macpherson, PhD

Professor, Chair, Course Director

Department of Bioethics

Tele: (473) 444-1470 ext. 2011
Fax:  (473) 439-4388

St. George’s University
School of Medicine
PO Box 7
St. George’s, Grenada

West Indies

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Bioethical perspectives regarding climate change; socioeconomic and cultural influences associated with undertreated pain; public health ethics; research ethics; medical and bioethics education; bioethics in the Caribbean context; and international aspects of bioethics.


Editorial Board for Developing World Bioethics, Gold Humanism Honor Society (Member and SGU Chapter Advisor), Bioethics Society of the English-speaking Caribbean (President 2010-2012), SGU IRB Vice Chair 2006-present.

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Cheryl Cox Macpherson is Professor and Chair of the Bioethics Department in the School of Medicine at St. George’s University in Grenada (SGU). As Course Director for a required medical school course on bioethics and professionalism she teaches a large, diverse, international body of medical students twice annually. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine where she lectures and supervises public health student research, and in the School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr Macpherson is routinely invited to teach in other departments and schools on topics including public health ethics, business ethics, veterinary ethics, social science and medicine, and ethical concerns in genetics. Bioethical considerations about climate change are incorporated into the content of many of her lectures.

In 2010 Dr Macpherson was elected President of the Bioethics Society of the English-speaking Caribbean (BSEC) after serving as Vice President since 2006 and editing BSEC’s newsletter from 2007 through 2010. She is a founding member of SGU’s IRB – the first in the Caribbean to adhere to international guidelines – and has served as its Vice Chair since 2006. She has been an invited speaker and collaborator at Grenada’s Ministry of Health and the Grenada Medical Association on projects involving bioethics, professionalism, undertreated pain, and end of life care. She has also been invited to speak in Taiwan, Sweden, and the USA.

Dr Macpherson joined the editorial board of the journal Developing World Bioethics in 2001 and co-edited a special symposium with Ruth Macklin in 2010 on “Standards and Practices in a Diverse World”. She has reviewed for The Wellcome Trust, Oxford University Press, and several journals. She has 40 publications primarily in peer reviewed bioethics journals.

Dr Macpherson has been SGU’s Chair of the White Coat Ceremony Organizing Committee since 1995 and the Chapter Advisor for the Gold Humanism Honor Society since 2006.

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