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Diana M. Stone, MPH, DVM, PhD

Diana M. Stone, MPH, DVM, PhD

Professor, Veterinary Public Health

Department of Pathobiology
Tele: (473) 444-4175 ext. 3681

St. George's University
School of Veterinary Medicine
PO Box 7
St. George's, Grenada

West Indies

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ZZoonoses, specifically Zoonotic Viruses of Bats,  Epidemiology of Zoonotic Diseases, Seroprevalence studies.


Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine; American Veterinary Medical Association, National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians


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In 1990, Dr. Stone received a PhD from Washington State University, Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Pullman, Washington. Her undergraduate education was completed at the University of California, and includes a MPH in 1972 from UC Berkley and a DVM in 1981 from UC Davis. She is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, 1993. Throughout the course of her educational endeavors, Dr. Stone received the following academic honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Washington State University, 1968, Phi Zeta, University of California-Davis, College of Veterinary Medicine, 1980, Iota chapter, Washington State University, 1991-2006, and Alpha Delta chapter, St. George’s University, 2006-present.

Since 2006, Dr. Stone has held the position of Professor and Coordinator of the DVM/MPH program, St. George’s University, School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Paraclinical Studies, Adjunct Professor, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and Coordinator of the dual degree DVM/MPH program.

Some of Dr. Stone’s previous professional experience includes Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology (1990-1997) and Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology (1997-2006), Washington State University. Additional administrative experience includes the administration of several research grants while at Washington State University and as the project director on a California State Department of Health contract to provide training in family planning counseling for Northern California County public health and social service personnel. Dr. Stone has been recognized for teaching as a co-recipient of the Merck AgVet National Award for Creativity in Teaching, 1995: Title: "The Diagnostic Challenges.”  WSU’s entry and the national award winner in competition with all veterinary schools in North America and the recipient of the 2002 Jerry Newbrey Teaching Scholar WSU CVM Award.

Wilkerson MJ, Black KE, Perea M, Sharma B, Gibson K, Stone D, George A, Nair ADS, Ganta RR. Development and testing of a multiplex peptide bead assay to detect antibodies to Ehrlichia canis, Ehrlichia chaffeensis and Anaplasma platys in experimentally and naturally infected dogs.  Submitted Feb, 2016 to Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation.   

Gibson KE, Fitzpatrick DM, Stone D, Noel TP, Macpherson CNL. Vector-borne diseases in the Caribbean: History and current status. Submitted Feb, 2016 to CAB Reviews.

Miller S, Zieger U, Ganser C, Satterlee SA, Bankovich B,  Amadi V, Hariharan H, Stone D, Wisely SM.  Influence of land use and climate on Salmonella carrier status in the small Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctaqtus) in Grenada, West Indies.  Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 51(1), 2015, pp. 60–68.

Matthew-Belmar V, Amadi VA, Stone D, Subbarao C, DeAllie C, Sharma R, Hariharan H.  Antimicrobial resistance profiles of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli recovered from feces of young healthy domestic pigs in Grenada. Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci.2015.4(10): 197-206.

Lohmann S, S Sage, D Stone, K Gibson.  Brief report: A survey of canine heartworm awareness in Grenada, West Indies. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Service.  Submitted December, 2013, Accepted, February, 2014.

Miller S., V Amadi,  AZ Bekele,  U Zieger,, H Hariharan, D Stone. Identification of Human and Poultry Campylobacter Sequence Types in Small Indian Mongooses (Herpestesauropunctatus) in Grenada, West Indies.  Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Veterinary Medicine: Research & Reports, Vol. 2014 (2014) Article ID 676408, DOI:10.5171/2014.676408.

Miller S, V Amadi, D Stone, R Johnson, H Hariharan, U Zieger.  Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Salmonella spp. in small Indian mongooses (Herpestes auropunctatus) in Grenada, West Indies.  Submitted to the journal of Comparative Immunology, Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, February, 2014.

Stone D., C Yogesh, AZ Bekele, S Goyal, H Hariharan, K Tiwari, A Chikweto, R Sharma.  Genotypes, antibiotic resistance and ST-8 genetic clone in Campylobacter isolates from sheep and goats in Grenada.  Accepted for publication in Veterinary medicine International Journal, Vol 2014 Article ID 212864, 8 pages,

Stone, D.  PI.  Antibodies to zoonotic viruses in bats in Grenada, West Indies.  Sgu Small Grant Initiative funding, 2015-2017.  External collaborations with University of Washington Department of Biology, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the West Indies, Trinidad. 

Stone D. PI Development and testing of a multiplex peptide bead assay to detect antibodies to Ehrlichia canis, Ehrlichia chaffeensis and Anaplasma platys in experimentally and naturally infected dogs. Small Grant Initiative funding, 2014-2017. External collaborations with Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Stone D. Co-PI along with Kathryn Gibson.  The presence of Wolbachia bacteria in the filarial heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis, in dogs in Grenada. Small Grant Initiative funding, 2012-2016.