Medical Program Admission

Premedical Sciences

Three years of premedical sciences are offered at SGU to accommodate students from different academic backgrounds as a foundation for Medical Sciences. Students presenting secondary school (or Advanced Level or International Baccalaureate) credentials will be placed into the appropriate term based on their academic backgrounds...more

Medical Sciences

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for direct entry into the medical sciences may apply for admission to the premedical sciences program. Depending on the country of origin and academic background, a student enters the premedical science course for a period of one to three years, with the full medical program ranging from five to seven years, depending upon the individual’s point of entry...more

Dual Degree Programs

Students interested in the BS/MD degree must submit an application to the Office of the University Registrar and the Office of Premedical Sciences during their first term of enrollment. Students who enter the third year of Premedical Sciences directly (e.g., with A-levels or Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination [CAPE]) cannot earn a BS degree without spending additional semesters in the program...more

Master of Public Health
The Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine in the School of Medicine, in collaboration with the School of Veterinary Medicine, offers several avenues for achieving an MPH and MSPH degrees.

Graduate Programs

Candidates interested in a graduate program or MD/MSc program must complete and submit the School of Medicine application form and include the Graduate Addendum. Those applying for the DVM/MPH or DVM/MSc must complete a School of Veterinary Medicine application and the Graduate Addendum...more