From exotic to small animals, orthopedics to ophthalmology, St. George’s School of Veterinary Medicine prepares students for the world of global health care with affiliations in the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia and world-renowned faculty.



School of Veterinary Medicine Undergraduate

A bachelor degree program is traditionally designed to provide students with a well rounded education, as well as providing a comprehensive, professional and scholarly understanding of a student’s chosen discipline.


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

School of Veterinary Medicine Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

With flexible entry points, the DVM degree program is offered in two phases: a 3-year preveterinary medical phase and a 4-year veterinary medical phase.


Graduate Degrees

School of Veterinary Medicine Graduate Degrees

The School of Veterinary Medicine offers Master of Science (MSc) degrees in anatomical pathology; anatomy; animal product processing, entrepreneurship, and food safety (APPES); bacteriology; marine medicine; morphological and clinical pathology; parasitology; pharmacology; virology; and wildlife conservation medicine. A PhD in morphological and clinical pathology as well as dual DVM/MSc degrees are also available.


Med/Vet Summer Leadership Academy

Med/Vet Summer Leadership  Academy

The Program offers an opportunity of a lifetime for high school and college age students interested in the fields of medicine or veterinary medicine.