Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services

The Office Student Accessibility Accommodation Services has made a few changes to there documentations please see below for changes. Also please note that students should be able to download our guidelines and application for disability:

Welcome to SGU and the Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services (SAAS). Saint George’s University is committed to, and embraces diversity in all forms. Students with disabilities are encouraged to access all campus resources including registering with SAAS. Early communication is critical to a successfully considering accommodation requests and arranging reasonable accommodations.

The Office is responsible for:

  • Meeting with students who have requested appointments and/or submitted applications to discuss access needs
  • Considering requests for accommodations
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff regarding essential course and/or program requirements and appropriate reasonable accommodations


The mission of the Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services is to consider requests for accommodations, determine student eligibility and reasonable accommodations for eligible students.


Students seeking accommodations for disabilities are required to contact Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services located in the Dean of Students Office (DOS). We highly recommend applying for accommodations as early as possible. Completing and submitting this form, along with the associated comprehensive documentation, at least one month before classes begin will allow for a more efficient and timely consideration of your request. If we do not receive the required documentation in a timely fashion, an eligibility determination may not be made, and accommodations may not be granted, prior to the commencement of classes and examinations.

If requesting accommodations, please submit by e-mail the following information to the DOS Office at

  1. Complete and submit an Application for Disability Accommodations.
    The application gives students an opportunity to provide information about their disability, their history of receiving accommodations, and their request for specific accommodations at SGU.
  2.  Submit documentation of the disability.
    Documentation guidelines is provided to assist students with providing the necessary documentation to be considered for reasonable accommodations.
  3.  Meet with a staff member in SAAS.
    Students should call or email the Dean of Students office to schedule an appointment, in person or through Skype, with Andrea Blair, Director of the Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services. It is best to meet after SAAS has received a completed Application for Disability Accommodations and the required disability documentation. At this appointment, students will have an opportunity to discuss their need for accommodation, learn more about receiving accommodations at SGU, and what other resources are available to help in their success.
  4. Determination of Eligibility
    SAAS will review the information provided to determine eligibility for reasonable accommodations and if appropriate, recommend specific accommodations. It is important to remember that SGU is not required to lower or waive essential requirements and if you have requested a specific accommodation, the school may offer that accommodation or an alternative one if the alternative also would be effective. Students will be notified of the decision.

Contact Information:
Andrea Blair, Director
Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services
Dean of Students Office
Bourne Center, Second Floor
St. Georges University
Grenada, West Indies
(P) (473)444-4483
(F) (473) 444-2823