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Adjunct/Part-Time School of Arts and Sciences Opportunities

Offered to persons legally residing in Grenada and citizens of Grenada.

The School of Arts and Sciences will occasionally have the need for qualified adjunct/part-time educators to teach (often on short notice) within one of its various departments. If you would like to have your application placed on file, please complete the application form provided below, indicating your qualifications and area(s) of interest. You will be asked to attach an electronic copy of your résumé and a cover letter.

Visiting Professors

St. George’s University invites applications for visiting faculty appointments in the Basic Sciences. The appointment is expected to be at any rank (full professor to instructor level), depending on qualifications, and is for no longer than a six-week term. Senior faculty on sabbatical are encouraged to apply. Starting dates are variable and are based on departmental needs. Applicants should hold a doctoral degree in a relevant discipline and must be able to demonstrate teaching expertise.

If you are interested in applying for a position as a visiting professor, use the link provided below to apply. You will be asked to attach an electronic copy of your résumé and a cover letter. Applications are forwarded to the Chair of the department and will be kept on file. Applicants will be contacted when a suitable position becomes available.

Clinical Tutors Teaching and Fellowship Program

St. George’s University School of Medicine is a part of the leading international educational institution in the Caribbean. Located in Grenada, West Indies, the University has Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Arts and Sciences, and Graduate Studies, which welcome students and faculty from all over the world – more than 140 countries all-time. Most students participate in the basic sciences program for two years in Grenada before completing the final two years in clinical clerkship in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Grenada at more than 70 affiliated hospitals. Alternatively, students may partake in the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program, for which they spend the first year of basic sciences studying at Northumbria University in the UK. The School has demonstrated a very high success rate of its students in the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE), and in 2016, more than 870 graduates were placed in first-year residency positions in the US and Canada.

The Clinical Tutor Fellowship Program is a unique locally developed program designed for recently graduated physicians from around the world who want to embellish their teaching and communication skills while at the same time become better prepared to take board exams (USMLE, PLAB) and to place int0 postgraduate residency programs. The tutors are recruited initially for one year and, upon satisfactory performance, are renewed for another year. During their period, they are expected to pass the board exams and move on to other countries for their postgraduate training. During each six-month term, the work performance of the tutor will be reviewed by the chair of the department to decide on continuation and/or renewal of the contract.

Eligibility: Preference will be given to recent MDs (who qualified in the past five years) from World Health Organization (WHO) listed medical schools, who have completed at least one year post-examination supervised clinical experience, which should be internship in a teaching hospital with three months rotation in medicine, surgery, ob/gyn, pediatrics, and community health. Candidates should have demonstrated high academic performance, registration with their medical council to practice medicine, and strong communication skills in English. They should be planning to appear for board exams like USMLE/PLAB/CAMC and move on to postgraduate residency programs in the near future.

The main duty of the clinical tutor includes supervision of small group sessions and teaching lab sessions for the medical students. They will be trained for this by attending the lectures in the discipline and preview sessions with the senior faculty members. They are expected to put in 40 working hours per week. Additional duties include conducting supplemental instruction sessions on a need basis in the off hours, proctoring of exams, and serving in the University Health Clinic, the General Hospital, and the community health fairs as and when required. Some departments conduct journal review sessions on an optional basis. There are ample opportunities to attend local continuing medical education (CME) courses; workshops on professionalism, cultural competence, substance abuse, and bioethics; as well as lectures and seminars by distinguished professors and the “Let’s Talk Teaching” programs through the School of Medicine.

The Clinical Tutor Fellowship Program is available in several departments in Grenada—Pathology, Anatomical Sciences, Clinical Skills, Microbiology, Neurosciences, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, and Department of Educational Services. There will be opportunities to work across departments, although the recruitment may be in one particular department. The appointments are specific to a given department but the tutor can request a transfer to another department at the end of the first year, which needs to be approved by a committee.

The Clinical Tutor Fellowship Program has proved immensely fruitful for the University, students, and the tutors themselves. We look forward to bright, diligent, and ambitious recently graduated physicians to enroll and benefit from our program.

Compensation/Benefits: The salary for the clinical tutor is comparable to the PGY-1 salary of the United States (approximately US $49,000 per year). The tax rate for foreigners in Grenada is 12.5 percent. Tutors are expected to make their own arrangement for accommodation, transportation, and medical insurance. The usual rental for a single bedroom apartment is approximately US $700 per month. The University runs a free bus service for faculty, staff, and students to service areas near the school. The tutors are entitled to a maximum of three weeks of leave each year and this has to be taken at the time approved by the Chair of the concerned department based on the teaching activity of the course. Leave is usually granted when the faculty of the department take vacation between courses. Requests for leave during the course are generally discouraged as it would adversely affect the delivery of the learning to the students. The chairs may make exceptions to this policy in extenuating circumstances.

Most clinical tutors have done well in the USMLE/PLAB exams and found excellent residency programs. The tutors also get an opportunity to meet with several distinguished visiting professors from North America and the United Kingdom. They also get to attend international CMEs conducted locally and get certified in CPR, ACLS, TEAM, and OSHA.

To Apply: To submit an application, you are required to fill out the form below. The application should indicate the department of choice and include copies of curriculum vitas, medical degree/diploma certificate, internship completion certificate, two references (including at least one from their medical school), and a passport-size photograph. Applications are received throughout the year and recruitments are made twice a year during April and October to start the appointments by August and January respectively.

Applicants are requested not to keep contacting the recruitment office once an online application is filed. Selected candidates will be contacted accordingly.