Austin Kirwan

Austin Kirwan, MA MBA BVSC MRCVS

Assistant Dean for UK Clinical Affairs

Dr. Kirwan has served Assistant Dean for UK Affairs at St. George’s University since 2003 and became a visiting professor of medical ethics and professional development in 2007, teaching at both the Grenada and Northumbria campuses. Based in the United Kingdom, Dr. Kirwan is also the principal veterinary surgeon in general practice at Barn Lodge Veterinary Hospital in Lancashire, which he purchased in May 2000. Previously, Dr. Kirwan served as an Admissions Planning Consultant for St. George’s University’s programs in the UK.

Dr. Kirwan graduated as a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS) from the University of Liverpool in 1987. Later he went on to complete a Master of Arts in Medical Ethics from the Open University in 2004 and a Master of Business Administration in Multi-Sector Health Management from St. George’s University in 2011.