Jonnel Edwards

Jonnel Edwards, BSc

Demonstrator III

Ms. Jonnel Edwards is a Demonstrator in the department of SVM Pathobiology, and manages the general operation of the Aquatic Animal Medicine Research Laboratory. Fish husbandry is a core part of the day to day activity, maintaining the health of tilapia and lionfish used for teaching and research. She has collaborated on various molecular research projects, including antigenic analyses of Ehrlichia and Anaplasma species in Grenada, tilapia DNA barcoding, and lionfish as a bioindicator of reef health. Ms. Edwards lends technical and diagnostic support in various marine turtle disease surveillance projects, and is the primary investigator in a study of prevalence & phenotypic characterization of Salmonella enterica in marine turtles in Grenada.

Ms. Edwards earned her Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences with Marine Biology specialization, and a Master of Science in Aquatic Animal Health, both at St. George’s University.