Thireshni Chetty

Thireshni Chetty, BVMCh


Dr. Thireshni Chetty is an Instructor in the Department of Large Animal Medicine and Surgery within the School of Veterinary Medicine. Her primary research focuses on animal health that affects national/international disease control and biosecurity. She also has a special interest in inflammatory diseases that affect the GIT motility of horses.

Prior to her position at St. George’s University, Dr. Chetty began her career in the South African National Defence Force. Broadening her scope of practice, she has also invested much of her time to community engagement in rural South Africa, where she assisted communities to develop food security gardens that allow them immediate access to a continuous supply of safe food. Dr. Chetty has worked in academia, private practice and veterinary vaccine development and diagnostic research.

Dr. Chetty received her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from the Medical University of South Africa in 2000.