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Enterprise Applications (EA)

The members of the Enterprise Applications Division work directly with the University’s business and academic offices, as well as software vendors and consultants, to provide application and data access services. These efforts support functional operations, strategic planning, and improved student experience through the application of information technology.

The members of this division have varied yet complementary skillsets. All that experience and expertise is leveraged to form a group that is centered on teamwork and collaboration. It is with that mindset and an overarching sense of supporting the members of the SGU community that the Enterprise Application division is primarily focused on the following:

  • Business process analysis & solution design
  • System evaluation/”fit-gap”
  • Functional specification development
  • System integration and automation
  • Application development/system modification
  • Reporting development/enhancement
  • Configuration/Change management
  • Application upgrades and maintenance
  • Production support/problem resolution
  • Project management of enterprise application projects
  • Change Management
  • Promoting communication and knowledge sharing – COPE


Robert Keller
Director, Enterprise
Great River, NY

Prijo Andrews
Great River, NY

Carin Avogardo
Great River, NY

Timothy Bryant
Great River, NY

RongChuan Chung
Great River, NY

Anna He
Great River, NY

Joseph Kenny
Great River, NY

George Kuntz, Jr.
Great River, NY

Linda Levine
Great River, NY

James McKeown
Great River, NY

Jill Stern
Great River, NY

Mrs. Jaye Wilbur
Great River, NY