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Largest Provider

of doctors into first-year US residencies

As the medical school graduating the largest number of students per year, SGU places the largest number of graduates into residency programs each year, based on internal SGU graduate/expected graduate and residency placement data as of June 2023.


USMLE Step 1 pass rate for international first-time test takers over the last five years

Total results from the five calendar years 2018-2022. First-time pass rate is defined as the number of international (non-US citizen/permanent resident or Canadian) students passing USMLE Step 1 on their first attempt divided by the total number of international students taking USMLE Step 1 for the first time within the given time range. In order to be certified to take USMLE Step 1, students are required to pass all basic sciences courses.


SGU School of Medicine graduates in the US and around the world are part of a strong alumni network

Based on the number of students who have completed the Doctor of Medicine program from 1981-2023.


SGU School of Medicine Graduates from the Middle East and North Africa

Data as of 3/1/23.

Focused on Student Success

We dedicate ourselves to providing the training and tools needed for medical students to succeed. And the results are clear in our outcomes. In 2023, SGU placed 1,000+ into US residencies in over 20 specialties.1

1Data as of June 2023.

SGU SOM Commencement

Welcome Environment For All Backgrounds

SGU has nearly as many international students as all US medical schools combined.2 Our global campus provides a nurturing home for students from all backgrounds to develop their medical skills. Our students also benefit by learning from each other and the community – real-world exposure that gives them an advantage in hands-on medical practice.

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2AAMC data as of March 2022. International student enrollment in US medical schools = 1,341; SGU international student enrollment = 1,271. These numbers do not include US citizens or permanent residents.

Opportunity And Access

The quality of SGU’s education is only matched by the various options it offers for students to study the clinical curriculum across the US, UK, and Canada, and connect with our vast alumni network. Each student can choose their own journey.

3According to U.S. World Reports
4Data as of June 2023

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Student-centered education SGU footstep buddies

Student-centered education

Even before school starts – through graduation – we proactively reach out to students to provide academic and emotional support resources from a vast team of coaches and counselors. We are committed to helping students succeed academically and for key medical milestones like the USMLE.

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Commitment to Innovation

SGU strives to be at the forefront of medical training – with innovation like a virtual anatomy lab – so students can thrive in the modern medical world.

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Doctor Of Medicine Program: Pathway To Matching

Students enrolled in our School of Medicine program spend two years studying the basic sciences, followed by access to clinical training opportunities at over 75 leading hospitals and health systems in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Entry points are available for students with various levels of education – including Four, Five, Six and Seven-year pathways.

4-Year MD Program Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in the requisite sciences

5-Year MD Pathway Qualifications

Entering students can start in Grenada in January and August or in the UK in September.

Advanced Levels: Minimum 3 subjects with A’s and B’s in Biology, Chemistry, and either Math or Physics; Math or Physics can be accepted at AS level with strong non-science third A level.

Approved Foundation Programs: SGU recognizes and approves a range of science/medical pathway programs.

Full IB Diploma: Requires a minimum score of 32 points; 3 HL science subjects recommended; minimum of 2 HL subjects required, which must include Chemistry and Biology; results 5 or higher.

Associate Degree: 60 credits (or equivalent), with Biology, Chemistry, and Math. (Not India)

6-Year MD Pathway Qualifications

Entering students can start in Grenada in January and August or in the UK in September.

Secondary School Diploma: Strong science performance.

Further education: AS Levels, Baccalaureate, South Africa Matric, Higher School Exam, Irish Leaving Certificate.

BTEC: Diploma must be in the appropriate sciences with grades of Distinction.

American High School Diploma with AP test grades of 4 or 5 in Biology and/or Chemistry, or averages of 95%+.

7-Year MD Pathway Qualifications

IGCSE: B or better in minimum 6 subjects, which include Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and English

American High School Diploma

Bahraini Tawjahiya: 80% or higher.

Iraq Adadiyah (6th Form Baccalaureat): 75% or higher.

Jordanian Tawjihi (GSEC): 80% or higher.

Kuwaiti Thanawia (General Secondary Education Certificate): 85% or higher with strong sciences.

Oman General Secondary Education Certificate (Shahadat Al-Thanawaya Al-Aama): 80% or higher with strong sciences.

Qatar General Secondary Education Certificate (Shahadat Al-Thanawaya Al-Aama): 90% or higher.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihiyah): 90% or higher with natural sciences track on diploma.

Turkish Lise Diplomasi (High School Diploma): Min 6 subjects 4 or higher in English, Sciences and Math.

United Arab Emirates Tawjihiyya (General & Religious): 65% with strong sciences.

Straight from the Source

Video Preview

Eli Geara, MD ‘14

Pediatric Anesthesiologist


“The way they prepared us for these exams, the way they cared about our education and how they tailored it toward our success in the USMLE exams and towards our transition to the residency and fellowships and jobs in the United States. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it at St. George’s University.”

Video Preview

Students and graduates share when they knew they’d made the right choice to come to St. George’s University to advance their medical career.

Modern Campus

Our 42-acre Grenada campus is purpose-built for a safe, comfortable learning environment, with all of the amenities you’d find at home. Student wellness is at the heart of our campus with a brand new 8,400 square foot fitness center, a 24-hour medical clinic, and round-the-clock private security.

Take a Tour

Doctor Of Medicine Program: Pathway To Matching

New Castle

A UK Pathway

To An MD Degree
Thanks to a partnership that exists between St. George’s University of Medicine and Northumbria University in Newcastle, SGU provides you with the opportunity to earn an MD and complete up to 50% of your degree in the United Kingdom.
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An Investment In Your Future

Studying abroad to fulfill your dream of becoming an international MD doctor or medical researcher is a significant investment in your future. We understand that when you have to finance tuition fees for a 5-year MD pathway that add up to over $355,000*, you want to make sure that you choose a medical school that will give you the best chance of success. SGU School of Medicine offers a great pathway for international students, with over 40 years of experience and a strong track record of success:

*SGU School of Medicine total cumulative tuition fees for a 5-year MD pathway based on 2021/22 rates are $355,372 before any discounts or scholarships are applied.

Hear from St. Georges University Graduates

Dr. Ahmed Hussein

“My application process to SGU was seamless, which I believe was the case for my colleagues as well. There was always someone to contact for questions, aid, or just reassurance. Once I got the news about my acceptance, I felt that I was about to embark on a new journey that would require hard work, day in and day out, to reach my destination—MD.”

Dr. Ahmed Hussein 


Anuraag Baxi MD

“With the clinical rotations down the line, you will find yourself rotating in hospitals with other students from American medical schools, which only goes to show that the experience you are receiving is exactly the same.”

Anuraag Baxi 


Souzan El-Chazli

“SGU opened the road for me to become the primary care physician I really wanted to be. They were the best years of my life, and making the transition to Grenada was never a problem for me. I felt like it was where I was meant to be.”

Souzan El-Chazli 


Yousra Hawli

“SGU has a great reputation, not just for its teaching, but as a medical school that can provide opportunities for training in the UK and USA.”

Yousra Hawli 


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SGU-Northumbria UK Medical Degree Pathway Prospectus

SGU-Northumbria UK Medical Degree Pathway Prospectus

SGU Tuition Fees and Living Costs 2023-24

SGU Tuition Fees and Living Costs 2023-24


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