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Investing in You for a World of Difference
Invest today for a future of making a difference in the world. SGU’s medical school tuition compares favorably with other top medical schools — and we offer scholarships and other financial aid assistance.

We understand that the Doctor of Medicine program requires substantial resources, and therefore we have developed this webpage as a personal budgeting resource to international applicants. Please note that students should not expect to support themselves through employment while attending the university. In the best interest of the student, a comprehensive financial plan is necessary in order to determine whether you have the resources necessary to complete this program of study.

TUITION FEES (2020/21)
Year Term Tuition Fees Total
Preclinical Year 1+2 $15,000 $600 $15,600 USD
1170000.00 INR
Medical Year I Basic Principles of Medicine 1 $25,720 $5,544 $31,264
2 $25,720 $5,544 $31,264
Medical Year II Principles of Clinical Medicine 3+4 $35,377 $7,390 $42,767
5 $28,986 $5,544 $34,530
Medical Year III Core Clerkship 1 $27,138 $4,422 $31,560
2 $27,138 $4,422 $31,560
3 $27,138 $4,422 $31,560
Medical Year IV Advanced Clinical 4 $27,138 $4,422 $31,560
5 $27,138 $4,422 $31,560
  • Malpractice Insurance Clinical Terms 1-5 ($357/term) – $1,785
  • Graduation Fee – $772
  • Mandatory Term 1 Books – $1,926
left quote My experience at SGU was nothing but positive. right quote
Dr Parin Makadia,
MD, SGU Alumnus


Accommodation fees Total
Single room occupancy
(Per annum)*
$3,000 USD
Double room occupancy
(Per annum)*
$2,000 USD
Family quarters
(Per annum)*
$6,000 USD
*Cost includes Electricity, Water, Maintenance, Wi-Fi, excluding Food


It is suggested that students review the remaining items in the cost of attendance below in order to assess their ability to fund their entire education. Living and travel expenses will vary amongst each individual’s country of origin and lifestyle choices. However, it is important to understand additional costs that may be incurred and plan for these expenses if needed. The below fees represent averages and can vary depending upon the student’s needs.

Year Term Housing Food Transport Books Insurance Misc Total
Medical Year I:
Basic Principles of Medicine
Term 1 $6,106 $1,394 $1,500 $2,076 $2,633 $3,085 $16,794
Term 2 $6,106 $1,476 $1,500 $162 $0 $3,060 $12,304
Medical Year II:
Principles of Clinical Medicine
Term 3/4 $8,164 $1,968 $1,500 $1,270 $2,633 $4,275 $19,810
Term 5 $6,106 $1,476 $1,500 $668 $0 $3,060 $12,810
Medical Year III:
Core Clerkship
Term 1 $6,000 $1,136 $1,500 $100 $2,633 $2,720 $14,089
Term 2 $6,000 $1,136 $1,500 $100 $2,633 $2,720 $14,089
Term 3 $6,000 $1,136 $1,500 $100 $2,633 $2,720 $14,089
Medical Year IV:
Advanced Clinical
Term 4 $6,000 $1,136 $1,500 $100 $2,633 $2,720 $14,089
Term 5 $6,000 $1,136 $1,500 $100 $2,633 $2,720 $14,089


We offer partial-tuition scholarships for the 4-year MD degree program at St. George’s University, which are awarded to international students who complete their preclinical year at Ramaiah, exhibit academic excellence and demonstrate financial need. These awards are grants-in-aid and do not have to be repaid. Students should apply using the International Bursary Application and will also need to submit a Confidential Financial Statement.

To find out more, please visit:
Name Description Recipients Amount Amount determination
International Peace and Country Bursary Award for demonstrated financial need. MD4 Partial tuition. The International Peace and Country Bursary is based on individual financial need. Students wishing to be reviewed for the International Peace Bursary must submit both the Confidential Financial Statement (CFS) and the International Peace Bursary Application (IPB). The award is not intended to cover the full cost of tuition and students must fund their education beyond this award.
Humanitarian Scholarship Awarded for demonstrated compassion and commitment to humanitarian causes. MD4 Partial tuition. There is no scholarship application for this award, and students seeking evaluation for this award should submit an overview of dates and hours of community service they delivered to their Admission Officer.
Chancellor’s Circle Legacy of Excellence Awarded for academic excellence in Undergraduate Studies. MD4 $94,500 USD This award is automatically granted to accepted students meeting the below outlined academic criteria; no separate application is required.

Minimum academic requirements:
* 3.7 Overall UG GPA
* 3.5 Science UG GPA
* 506 MCAT points
Legacy of Excellence Scholarship Awarded for academic excellence in Undergraduate Studies. MD4 Partial tuition. This award is automatically reviewed for eligibility upon admission and is awarded to students who exceed our academic criteria.

The grades should be above our minimum requirements:
* 3.3 Overall GPA
* 3.2 Science GPA
* MCAT score is not a requirement for international student eligibility.


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Please note that the program offered is not a twinning program and that the successful completion of the program does not confer a joint degree. Ramaiah University is not acting as an agent/ franchisee of St. George's University, Grenada. SGU, Grenada is not an offshore campus of Ramaiah University, or vice-versa.

***According to a 2019 article in the Journal of Medical Regulation, FSMB Census of Licensed Physicians in the United States, 2018, Vol. 105, No. 2