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When students arrive in Grenada, they are transported to a place of serenity, cultural diversity, and warmth. Home, at least for the time being, is the pastel-tinted architecture of the majestic True Blue Campus, a state of-the-art $250 million campus that includes cutting-edge teaching facilities, labs, library, research institute, and more. Their backyard is the breathtaking lapis blue waters and extraordinary reefs of the Caribbean Sea.

With over 65 student-sponsored organizations catering to a wide range of interests, students actively take part in creating a lively and diverse campus community. In addition, the island of Grenada affords students a wide array of activities and events to participate in. In one day, a student could dive in the crystal clear waters or hike the Grand Etang Forest in the morning and return to campus for a hands-on lab on exotic and wildlife species.

Students are captivated by the unique blend of African, English, and French cultures of Grenada. They can immerse themselves in Grenada’s rich history, dining at a local restaurant in the picturesque capital of St. George’s, as native music fills the air. Though many languages are spoken, English is the national language.

The Grenadian community has proudly embraced the University and its students. For 40 years, students and community members have lived in peace, with a mutual respect that is genuine and admired. In turn, SGU has been a vital contributor to the island through both financial and humanitarian means. SGU is proud that its students, graduates, and faculty are dedicated to improving the lives of both old and young on the island.


Several major airlines offer direct flights to Grenada, for example:

Currently, family members and friends of our students who are India passport holders, can visit Grenada for 1-3 months visa-free. All SGU students who are non-citizens of Grenada can easily obtain their visa on arrival, on presenting their SGU acceptance documents.


English is Grenada’s official language and it is a member of the Commonwealth realm. For more than 300 years, Grenada was an agricultural colony for European powers, first settled by France, then by Great Britain. It gained independence in 1974 and is governed by a parliamentary democracy. Elected representatives form a government, and Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State.


Grenada is a peaceful nation, and widely considered one of the most welcoming islands in the Caribbean. The US Department of State assigns Grenada a level-one rating, which means it is in the safest group out of the four groups that the US Department of State uses to classify countries by their average crime rates. In addition, SGU’s security officers patrol university grounds 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.


Although the country has a tropical climate, it is located below the hurricane belt (the path that most hurricanes follow). The average temperature in Grenada is 27 degrees, and the average sea temperature is 29 degrees.


Students who study in Grenada can access quality health care through an on-campus clinic. University Health Services (UHS) provides medical support to the university community and offers a wide variety of services, from primary health care to off-hours urgent care. The clinic is open for routine services from Monday through Friday, and a duty nurse is on call 24 hours every day.


Families and friends who would like to visit have a variety of high quality accommodation options to choose from to suit all budgets, including hotels and beach resorts.


Well known for its outstanding fish and seafood, cocoa, and spices, Grenada offers a large variety of food options, including Halal and vegetarian food. There is a good selection of supermarkets and local markets for fresh produce on the island. Restaurants offer Indian, Caribbean, Japanese, French, Italian, Thai, Chinese, American, and other international cuisines.


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Please note that the program offered is not a twinning program and that the successful completion of the program does not confer a joint degree. Ramaiah University is not acting as an agent/ franchisee of St. George's University, Grenada. SGU, Grenada is not an offshore campus of Ramaiah University, or vice-versa.

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