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SGU Establishes New Alumni Association in Botswana

St. George’s University has announced the establishment of a new SGU Alumni Association in Botswana—the first such association in Africa, in a country where one in every five practicing physicians is a graduate of SGU. The association provides a platform for personal and professional development and aims to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, […]

SGU and Ramaiah Group of Institutions Create Pathway Program for Indian Students

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Ramaiah Group of Institutions, Bangalore, India (RMC), and St. George’s University. The signing took place during a ceremony at Ramaiah Medical College on March 20, and marked the beginning of a new international relationship between the two institutions. The purpose of the agreement is to develop […]

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education Recognizes SGU MD Degree Program

The Education Ministry of the United Arab Emirates has formally recognized the MD degree of St George’s University, the leading international medical school in the Caribbean island of Grenada. The move confirms that St George’s University meets all of the standards required by the Education Ministry, and paves the way for medical students from the […]

St. George’s University Introduces Pay It Forward Program for Canadian Students

This week, St. George’s University launched the Pay It Forward program, which will allow Canadian students who enroll in SGU’s January MD entering classes, starting in January of 2018, to claim a refund of their tuition if they are accepted to and matriculate at a Canadian or US allopathic medical school for the subsequent fall […]

SGU Signs Agreement with Uiduk University, Republic of Korea

St. George’s University has signed an agreement with Uiduk University, Republic of Korea, creating an avenue for students and academic staff to study and work together via reciprocal exchange programs. The broad-ranging agreement between the two institutions confers a number of benefits to both, including: The exchange of professors, graduate students, researchers, administrative staff members, […]

Nearly $2 Million in Scholarships Awarded to St. George’s University Students From NYC

Today, St. George’s University announced that 15 students from New York City will receive $1.8 million in scholarships to pursue degrees in medicine at the school as part of the CityDoctors Scholarship Program. “St. George’s University has long addressed the U.S. doctor shortage by producing highly qualified physicians who are committed to their community and the practice […]