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St. George’s University Visual Identity Guidelines

As a world-class institution, it is important to maintain first-rate, professional standards in our print and online publications. A university style guide is intended to provide a definitive resource for writers and others seeking to use our brand, offering a consistent approach to how we present ourselves to our internal and external audiences — students, faculty, staff, alumni, volunteers, government, media, community partners, and others.  It is a guidebook on how to properly and most effectively use the SGU brand.

Our brand identity is the management of our image which is comprised of our University name, logo, color, and type palettes and the guidelines for their use.  Our identity standards have been developed to ensure we project a consistent look, tone, and point of view for St. George’s University.  The SGU standards define the parameters for the creation of promotional and communication materials for the University.  Our objective is to establish and maintain a clear and consistent brand identity in all internal and external communications.

The University’s position as a leader in international education will be supported and strengthened by our recognizable identity.  The St. George’s University brand will have more power and be more effective through the   consistent application of these standards.

The university style guide is compiled and managed by the Office of University Communications and Publications.

Official St. George’s University Colors

Due to different printing processes and paper stocks, maintaining consistent color matches can be difficult. An ink-matching system known as Pantone® Matching System or PMS® is used to provide standards for color matching. The PMS or CMYK (four-color process) equivalents given should be provided in any printing situation as specifications for ink colors. Each color shown is formulated to provide good results on both coated (C) or uncoated (U) paper stocks.


Hex Code – #b30838

RGB – 179,8, 56

CMYK – 0, 100, 63, 29

Pantone® – 201

School of Medicine

Hex Code – #00245d

RGB – 0, 36, 93

CMYK – 100, 91, 30, 33

Pantone® – 2767

School of Veterinary Medicine

Hex Code – #78a22f

RGB – 120, 162, 47

CMYK – 68, 13, 100, 1

Pantone® – 377

School of Graduate Studies

Hex Code – #f68b00

RGB – 246, 139, 0

CMYK – 0, 55, 100, 0

Pantone® – 144

School of Arts and Sciences

Hex Code – #52247f

RGB – 82, 36, 127

CMYK – 79, 100, 11, 3

Pantone® – 2617

St. George’s University Logo Usage

The St. George’s University signature and logo are graphic representations of University’s brand.

The signature and logo are registered trademarks and may not be altered.

There are three acceptable configurations that may be used. To ensure that all uses of the signature and logo are consistent, do not recreate or manipulate them in any way. The elements may not be separated—each is to be treated as a single design unit.

SGU Signature

The SGU Signature is comprised of the seal, name, tagline, and location. It must be used for all advertising and direct mail pieces. It may also be used for all other promotional materials.

Horizontal SGU Logo


SGU Logo Centered


Vertical (Banner Usage)

SGU Logo

The SGU logo is comprised of the seal and name. It may be used on websites, letterhead, and for internal communications and applications where the University tagline “Think Beyond” is not suitable.




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