Electronic Communications Policy

August 3, 2018


The purpose of this policy is to outline appropriate use of St. George’s University, University Support Services, and any other operating units of Medforth Global Healthcare Education Group LP identified by management (collectively, the Enterprise) electronic communication resources. This policy also strives to support the Office of Information Technology (IT) in maintaining a safe and welcoming Enterprise environment by defining unacceptable forms of electronic communications.


This policy applies to all electronic communication resources owned or managed by the Enterprise, including Enterprise-issued email addresses or Enterprise-maintained mailing lists. This policy also applies to any publicly accessible electronic communications involving Enterprise students, faculty, or staff.


The Enterprise recognizes that secure and acceptable use of its communication resources is an integral part of its security program. Regulating the use of electronic communications, such as internet, email, social media, and telephones, is necessary to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff as well as to protect the Enterprise from reputational loss.

Policy Statement

Rules For Use

  • Individuals may not use Enterprise communication resources for individual financial gain unless supported by Enterprise policies and formally approved.
  • Users of electronic communication resources shall not give the impression they are representing the Enterprise unless authorized to do so.
  • Users of electronic communication resources must not imply Enterprise’s endorsement of a product or service unless authorized to do so.
  • Users of Enterprise electronic communication resources must not employ a false identity.
  • Users of Enterprise electronic communication resources must not use those resources to intimidate or harass any other person.
  • Regarding protection of intellectual property, all individuals will abide by the laws and Enterprise policies to be enforced as defined by the Federal Copyright Act of 1976.
  • Users may not utilize the Enterprise electronic communication systems for actions that may result in the widespread distribution of unsolicited electronic messages.
  • Users may not initiate or participate in malicious activity with the intent to cause harm to the Enterprise.

Personal Use
The Enterprise is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by an individual as a result of the individual’s personal use of Enterprise electronic communication resources. Individual utilization of Enterprise electronic communications for personal purposes is acceptable, provided the individual’s actions do not interfere with their obligations to the Enterprise or incur undo costs to the Enterprise in the form of monetary or reputational loss.

Bulk E-Mail
Sending e-mail to large groups of recipients at once must be reserved for those situations where another method of contact is not practical. For administrators, all general announcements to students, faculty, and staff must be made through Enterprise Communications. All bulk e-mail messages from students must be directed through the Dean of Students Office.

Social Media
Students, faculty, and staff of the Enterprise must be aware of how social media presence reflects on the Enterprise. Sensitive data must not be transmitted on any social media account. Use of social media or other electronic communications for the purposes of cyberbullying or harassment of any kind is forbidden. Any individual using social media for purposes of harassment will face ramifications, as deemed appropriate by the Enterprise. Additionally, all announcements made on behalf of the Enterprise on any type of social media must be communicated through Enterprise Communications.

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