Loaner Notebook Computer Policy

February 19, 2019


The purpose of this policy is to define the method and process of properly loaning computers to faculty, staff, and students of St. George’s University, Grenada.


This policy applies to faculty, staff, and students that require loaner computers for short-term use.


The Office of Information Technology (IT) maintains a small pool of loaner notebook computers. In the case where an Enterprise-assigned notebook computer fails, a faculty or administrative staff member can borrow a notebook computer from IT. Students also have the option to borrow notebook computers. This service is short-term and is based upon availability of notebook loaner stock.

Policy Statement

Visiting faculty and administrative staff will be allowed the use of a loaner computer for a maximum of three weeks. Local faculty and administrative staff are permitted to check computers for up to one week, while waiting for repairs to their assigned computers. Loaner computers are not available to temporarily fulfill permanent computer purchase orders.

Students can borrow notebook computers on a weekly basis. There is no charge for the first week. Following weeks are $50 US per week. Due to the limited number of loaner computers students are encouraged to return the loaners as soon as possible. Under no circumstances will IT provide loaner equipment for longer than the completion of the current semester.


Eligible Borrowers: All part time or full time, local or visiting, administrators, visiting faculty, academic support staff, and students

Eligible Uses: These computers will be available during regular school semesters and only for those engaged in normal academic activities. They may also be used by eligible borrowers while attending either local or remote conferences and/or workshops. These computers must not be transported to other countries without prior written permission from the Provost’s Office.

Loaner Procedure: A faculty or visitor ID must be presented to IT along with the signed Loaner Agreement Form. Faculty members will need to have the form signed by the Provost while all other borrowers must also have it signed by their department/section head.

Loan Period: Loaner notebook computers are available on a weekly basis. Due to the limited number of available computers, faculty and visitors are encouraged to return them as soon as possible. Under no circumstances will IT provide loaner equipment for longer than the period stipulated on the Loaner Agreement Form.

Returns: Borrowers must return such computers by the specified due date. Anyone person who does not do so within the agreed upon time will have their network account and access to support suspended until the computer and all associated items have been returned. Borrowers accept full financial responsibility if the computer and/or any associated items are missing or damaged upon their return.

Usage Policies: Please reference the Acceptable Use Policy

Loss, Theft, or Damage: Individual borrowers are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the computer if damaged, lost, or stolen during the loan period. Each borrower must sign the Loaner Agreement Form indicating consent to this arrangement and guarantee before receiving a computer laptop on loan.

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