Ramsey Saunders, PhD

Ramsey Saunders, PhD
Department of BEC (Physics)
Website: https://www.sgu.edu
Phone: (473) 444-4175 Ext. 3819
Fax: (473) 439-1835


BSc (First Class) University of the West Indies (1968). United Kingdom Commonwealth Scholar at The Imperial College of Science and Technology, London (1968 -1971). DIC and PhD Imperial College (1971).Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, FU ,Berlin Germany (1971 – 1973). German Science Foundation (DFG) Scientist , Free University Berlin, 1973 – 1978. Worked on microelectrode recordings and analysis of signals from the optic tract and lateral geniculate of cats and optic tectum of frogs. Appointed Professor and Chair of Physics at the University of the West Indies (1978- 2003) and from 2009 – 2011 when he retired. Developed  curriculum for Pure Physics as well as Applied Physics in the areas of Materials Science, Medical Physics and Bioengineering, Electronics and Environmental Physics. Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences, UWI (1988 – 1992). Founding  Fellow   of (CAS) the Caribbean Academy of Sciences (1988). President CAS    1988 – 1994.  Alexander von Humboldt  Fellow and Ambassador. Recipient of several research grants from DFG, EU, OAS, IDB,UWI. Set up major facility for Electronics Maintenance from EU funding and Electron Microscopy, UWI funding. Holder  of 3 patents.   Developed the  curriculum and key actor in the introduction of the BSc in Optometry at UWI which produced its first graduates in 2013.  Over 100 undergraduate Projects in various aspects of Physics some of which progressed to graduate studies leading to MPhil’s and PhD’s for several students. Researches in the fields  of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, Materials and Environmental Physics with over 100 publications. Served on several committees and Boards in Trinidad and the Region; The Iron and Steel Company of Trinidad and Tobago, National Institute for Higher Education Research, Science and Technology; CARIRI, the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute; CMO, the Caribbean Meteorological Organization where  involved in the setting up the Doppler Radar System extending from French Guyana to Belize: Since 2003 he has been in collaboration with Professor Günter Siegel Berlin and Professor Dr Martin Malmsten (Sweden) in Ellipsometry as part of a cardiovascular and cerebro vascular project.  Also has research  collaborations with University of Wales, Swansea in Bio magnetism and Massey University , New Zealand in the combination of Solar Energy with  nanotechnology for which a first prize was obtained for work presented in Santiago de Compostela , Spain in 2012. Other prizes and awards received include  the Mercosur Prize, 2007 with groups from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Brazil; the NCOCA Pinnacle Award (2007), NIHERST/CCST/CAS Icons in Science (Physics). In addition  has been invited to make nominations for the Nobel prize in Physics on several occasions.  Has  served as external examiner for PhD degrees of University of the Antilles and Guyana, and Massey University.  Presently Guest Professor of the Charite, of the Humboldt and Free University, Berlin; and Physics Professor, SGU, Grenada.

Areas of Interest
Medical Physics, Biomagnetism: Biomagnetism of the human heart with the aim of the development of new diagnostic modalities., Analysis of the EEG using various mathematical techniques; Chaos (Coarse grain dimensional analysis; Spectral frequency analysis; Wavelets; Tsalis Entropy; Multivariate Analysis)., Nanoplaque formation in the cerebro and vascular systems that lead to Alzheimer’s disease and Arteriosclerosis., Renewable Energy, Solar lighting and heating, Solar disinfection and purification of water using TiO2 nanoparticles, Science for Development, The natural non-metal mineral resources of the Caribbean region, Wastes such as slag and graphite
The Caribbean Academy of Sciences, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Physiologie, Charite University of Medicine Berlin (Guest Professor), Massey University New Zealand, University of the Antilles and Guyana , Guadeloupe, University of the West Indies
Selected Publications

Publications over the last five years

Saunders R and Amoroso M (2010), SEM investigations on heart tissue samples Journal of Physics , 241, 1

Valtonen M, Mikkola S, Merritt D, Gopakumar A, Lehto H. J, Hyvonen T, Rampadarath H, Saunders R, Basta M and Hudec R (2010)). Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union , 261, 260.

Valtonen M, Mikkola S, Merritt D, Gopakumar A, Lehto H. J, Hyvonen T, Rampadarath H, Saunders R, Basta M and Hudec R (2010). Measuring the spin of the primary black hole of OJ 287, Astrophysical Journal, 709, 725.

Valtonen M, Mikkola S, Merritt D, Gopakumar A, Lehto H. J, Hyvonen T, Rampadarath H, Saunders R, Basta M and Hudec R (2010)). Measuring black hole spin in OJ 287, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy 106, 235.

Siegel G, Ermilov E, Saunders R, Pries R. and Malmsten M (2010) Nanotechnologic point of care Ellipsometric Device for Arteriosclerosis Diseases. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology. 210, 134.

Ali Shah S. and Saunders R. (2012). A reactor for rapid water disinfection in rural areas and post disaster situations RE & PQJ, 10, 832, ISSN 2172 – 038X

Clarke R and Saunders R (2012). Solar kiln drying of tropical hardwoods using a system with a slagbed acting as roughened absorber and heat storage mechanism. RE & PQJ 10, 837, ISSN 2172 – 038X

G. Siegel, G. Meyer-Rath, E. Ermilov, M. Rodriguez, M. Malmsten, P. Claesson, R. Saunders, R. Hetzer, B. Lindman (2014): Flow sensing in the cardiovascular system(in the press Elsevier )

Selected Projects

Nanoplaque formation in the cerebro and vascular systems leading to Alzheimer’s Disease and Arteriosclerosis in collaboration with the Charite Berlin and the Biomedical Institute , Uppsala. Sweden.

Water disinfection using solar energy combined with nanotechnology ( University of the West Indies and Massey University, New Zealand)