Last updated on August 23rd, 2021

The School of Arts and Sciences uses the following letter grades to indicate the record of achievement in courses completed:

Letter Grade Grade Point Score (Percent)
A+ 4.00 100
A 4.00 90–99
B+ 3.50 85–89
B 3.00 80–84
C+ 2.50 75–79
C 2.00 70–74
D 1.00 65–69
F 0.00 <65

I – Incomplete

Students who are unable to complete the semester’s work due to serious mitigating circumstances, such as illness or family emergency may receive an “I” as an interim grade. The Office of the Dean of Students must approve the reason supporting the receipt of the “I” grade.

NOTE: The Course Intsructor/Director, must file a Change of Grade form upon students’ completion of course requirements within 30 days of the start of the regular subsequent semester or the “I” will be changed to an “F.”

W – Withdrawal

After the add/drop period has closed, students may withdraw from courses any time up to the point when two-thirds of the semester (week 11) has been completed and receive a  “W” on their audit and academic transcript.” After this point, students will be allocated the grade they earn or they may choose to take a leave of absence, in which case they will receive a “W” in all courses.

AU – Audit

Students wishing to audit courses must register at the onset as an audit student. For those courses and grades, “AU” will automatically be recorded on the grade rosters.

S/U – Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory

These grades are to be used only for special courses as stipulated in course syllabi.

CC – Continuing Course

The CC grade is issued only for courses that extend beyond one semester. The earned grade will appear on the transcript in the final semester of course participation/completion.

NG – No Grade

No grade reported by the Course Instructor/Director for registered courses.