SAS Attendance Policy

Academic Events

Academic Events refer to virtual and face-to-face teaching/learning activities, such as class sessions and exercises, labs, internships, asynchronous online forums, quizzes, exams, field trips and other class projects, and viewing and reviewing of handouts, readings, and recordings. Students are expected to attend all academic events assigned to them by their Course Directors/Course Instructors. If absence from a particular required academic event is anticipated or occurs spontaneously due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, proper notification procedures must be followed by students (outlined below).

  • The Office of the Dean of Students must be notified by students applying for a Medical Excuse from exam(s) using the following online Medical Excuse link. (Please see Examination Attendance  for further details ).
  • Course Directors and/or Course Instructors should be notified by students via email regarding Non-Medical Excuse for absence from exams and absence from all other academic events. The Office of the Dean of Students should be notified by students via email if multiple absences from academic events occur, or are anticipated.

Assessing Student Attendance

Students are permitted two (2) unexcused absences. More than two (2) unexcused absences may adversely affect a student’s grade, as specified in the particular course syllabus. Instructors may also award a specific percentage of their course grade to attendance, provided that a clear written statement on this aspect of the course and its impact on grading is described in the course syllabus.

Full Attendance

Full Attendance means that a student has been present for at least 70% of the allotted time.

NOTE: 70% does NOT refer to the minimum number of academic events a student is required to attend. Students are expected to attend ALL required academic events.  Rather, 70% stipulates how long a student is expected to remain in each and every required academic event, to be awarded “full attendance” at that event.


A student is considered absent at a particular academic event if s/he is present for 30% or less of the allotted time.