Last updated on April 28th, 2021

The following guidelines supplement the general guidelines outlined in the section University Examination Policies and Procedures of the SGU Student Handbook. Each examinee is responsible for reviewing and adhering to these policies.

Students who fail to appear for an examination without an approved excused absence (Medical/non-Medical) will receive a grade of zero (“0”) for the examination. Students may appeal to the Dean of the Graduate Studies.


A student who wishes to observe a religious holiday on an examination date may take a completion examination on the scheduled date if appropriate protocol is followed for documenting the religious observance.

The following rules and guidelines supplement the University Examination Policies and Procedures of the Student Manual. Each examinee is responsible for reviewing and adhering to these policies.

For all medical and non-medical excuses, please see the Student Manual.

Prior to Exam Day

Each student is required to provide the necessary environment for online testing, including, but not limited to:

1. Personal computer meeting the required hardware and software specifications, including webcam and microphone, outlined in detail on the Examination Services of the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) website. Please follow the specifications for ExamSoft examinations WITH ExamID and ExamMonitor enabled.

2. A quiet, private location, where they can take the examination without disturbance, where they can take the examination alone, at a desk, sitting up-right on their chair and staying silent for the whole duration of the examination.

3. Examinees are required to take the onboarding/practice (mock) examination no more than 7 days prior to an exam day, to ensure their computer is working properly.

4. For this purpose, the mock exam can be assessed at any time as follows:

• Assessment Name: ExamID and Monitor Mock Exam (PW -Mockexam1)

• Password: Mockexam1

5. Examinees experiencing technical difficulties prior to exam day must immediately contact the online support team for assistance.

Exam Download

You are required to download all blocks of an examination during the 24-hour download window indicated by the Couse Director in the Examination Announcement. We strongly advise to start the download procedure early, to be able to get the necessary help in time, and to avoid unnecessary stress.

1. If you are unable to download all examination blocks (not just the first block), you must contact the online support team immediately, but no later than 30 minutes prior to the CHECK IN TIME for the first examination block.

2. If you fail to download all blocks and have not notified the online support team, you will automatically get a score of “zero” for the examination.

Exam Day Preparations

Prior to starting the ExamID personal identification process, a student makes sure all the requirements for online proctoring are met, including:

1. Making sure the room is well lit, and the camera is taking a frontal view, with the examinee’s face in the center.

2. The entire face of the examinee must be visible, especially eyes and mouth, at all times.

3. Hair long enough to cover the eyes and ears must be pulled back. Hats or other headwear are prohibited.

4. Reading glasses with clear lenses are acceptable, but tinted glasses or sunglasses are prohibited.

5. The examination room must be consistently well-lit, with a plain background, avoiding dark shadows across the examinee’s face.

6. Personal Student ID issued by SGU, ready for display. A government-issued photo ID is the only permitted alternative.

7. Talking is not permitted for the whole duration of the examination. You are not allowed to read aloud any parts of the question or the question choices, and you are not allowed to express your thoughts in spoken language.

8. Leaving the examination desk, no matter how brief, is not permitted during an examination block.

9. Bathroom breaks are limited to the times prior to the examination, after the examination, or during the breaks between examination blocks.

10. Items banned from regular, on-site examinations, are also banned during online examinations. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Cell phones

• Other electronic or communication devices

• Wrist watches

• Hoodies

• Scrap paper

• Pens, pencils, or stylus

• Food or beverages

• Water bottles

11. Additional items banned from online examinations are:

• Headphones, earphones, headsets

• Earplugs

• White boards – you will be able to use the “Notes” function within ExamSoft instead

Password Announcement

Passwords will be announced via the online course management system (Sakai) / email notification approximately 15 minutes prior to CHECK IN TIME of each examination block.

If you are not taking this examination because of a medical or any other valid excuse, please ignore the password notification, and do not proceed to the examination.

Once you START the first block of an examination, you are affirming that you are an active student in the course (not on LOA, not on CR) and that you are medically fit to take the examination.

Students who take the examination are not entitled to take the completion examination.

The Examination

1. Students MUST start the personal identification process through ExamID as soon as they have received the examination password for the first examination block.

2. After the personal identification process, students MUST start the examination immediately, without any delay.

3. Examinees experiencing technical difficulties at any time during the examination must contact the online support team immediately for assistance.

4. If you cannot send an email to the online support team, for example during an internet outage, you need to call +1 866-429-8889 instead, where your report will be logged.

5. All issues must be reported during the examination to the online support team (see above). Any issues reported to any party after the examination will not be considered.

6. Students who do not START the examination within 30 minutes from the announced CHECK IN TIME will receive a score of “zero” for the examination, unless there is documented evidence for an approved extension from the online support team

7. Once an examination block has been started, the examinee cannot leave the examination desk for the duration of the examination block.

8. The examinee cannot return to a finished examination block.

9. All blocks must be completed and uploaded successfully, for a score to stand. The examination is void if only partially completed or partially uploaded.

10. If an examinee experiences a problem that the technical team cannot resolve, a completion examination will be offered (see classification of technical problems below).

11. If an issue is not communicated in a timely manner, then the examinee will not be given the opportunity to complete the examination.

Technical Issues

Technical issues can arise and will be classified and dealt with as follows:

1. Resolved technical issue: A log will be kept on all technical problems that a student reports to the online support team ( For all resolved technical problems the score of the student earned for the examination will stand.

2. Excused technical issue: If a student contacts the online support team in a timely manner (with enough time to complete the exam), and they cannot solve the technical issue, students will be eligible (without penalty) for a completion examination. This will be solely determined by the online support team (

3. Non-excused technical issue: Failure to comply with any of the above regulations, or failure to follow instructions from the online support team (, will automatically lead to a score of “zero” (0 points) for the examination. A student may file an appeal to the Dean of their School (for SOM: Dean of Basic Sciences).

Appeals Process

A student who receives a “zero” for the examination because of any of the above stipulations may appeal against the “zero” score. A written appeal outlining the sequence of events, and explaining the circumstances that led to the compliance failure, has to be sent to the Dean of their School ( for SOM Basic Sciences). The Dean of Students office may assist the student in the appeals process.

An Examination Irregularities Panel will review the written appeal of a student and make one of the following deliberations:

1. A score of zero will be retained for the examination.

2. The recorded score may be reinstated, if the investigation confirms that the files are intact, can be uploaded, and there is no doubt about the integrity of the files and their logged times or your integrity, in your attempts to ensure the files were uploaded. An academic penalty may be applied for non-compliance with examination procedures. The penalty may be up to 10% of the course grade.

3. The examinee may be required to take a completion examination at the end of term, and an academic penalty may be applied for non-compliance with examination procedures. The penalty may be up to 10% of the course grade.

After Exam Day

1. All examination materials are the intellectual property of St George’s University. Reproduction and/or distribution of examination materials, by any means, including reconstruction through memorization, are strictly prohibited.

2. If you become aware of any suspicious activity related to an SGU examination, please notify the Course Director immediately.

3. Examination irregularities, including falsely reporting technical difficulties, potential violations of the honor code, or other breaches of the examination rules and regulations will be investigated.

4. The Course Director may withhold the examination scores during an ongoing investigation.

5. Once a violation of the examination rules and regulations has been confirmed, the Course Director may impose a score of “zero” (0 points) for the examination.

6. All ID files, monitoring files, and exam result files need to be uploaded for a valid exam score to stand. Absence of any of these files will result in a score of “zero” (0 points) for the examination.

7. Failure to meet the hardware and software requirements for the examination, including failure to update to the required version of Examplify, will result in a score of “zero” (0 points) for the examination.

8. In cases of severe violations of the examination rules and regulations, the Dean may initiate disciplinary action, which may ultimately result in dismissal.

When cheating is suspected, it is not the obligation of the University to prove violation beyond a shadow of a doubt, but rather by a preponderance of the credible evidence submitted. Any suspected violations are reviewed by a university panel.