Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Pre-Clinical Program

The five, six, and seven-year MD programs begin with foundational courses. The academic policies, program, standards and processes of the Pre-Clinical Program are set and overseen by the School of Medicine; the content of the first two pre-clinical years is delivered by the School of Arts and Sciences.

All registered pre-clinical students are subject to the policies and regulations of the University, the School of Arts and Sciences, the Pre-Clinical Program and the School of Medicine; however, should policies differ, the policies of the MD program shall supersede all other said policies.


The EMP program is designed to instill the academic and medical English communication skills necessary for success as SGU students and future health professionals. EMP integrates additional English courses into the pre-clinical curriculum to allow simultaneous pre-clinical and English skill progression with only one additional semester. Students from the 5-year, 6-year, or 7-year MD/DVM program are accepted into the EMP program on entry and remain in the program for their first three semesters at SGU. There is a standalone one- or two-term EMP program for the 4-year MD/DVM students who will enter the SOM/SVM upon completion of the EMP program.  EMP is intensive language and communication support and students who fall below our language proficiency requirements are mandated to participate in the program.


This is a one-year pathway beginning in the Spring, that is designed to help students improve or acquire  the relevant science background before entry into the 4-Year MD program. Students must pass all the prerequisites before progressing into the subsequent term. The program is intensive in the sciences and includes a comprehensive exam at the end of each term.