Last updated on August 24th, 2021

Promotion Information

For promotion to the basic sciences phase of the medical program, in addition to the information about dismissals:

  1. The APRC determines whether students with a Year 3 WMPG less than 80% or a Science GPA of 2.75 are recommended for dismissal.
  2. The APRC determines whether students who failed the Preclinical Science Comprehensive Examination (PCSCE) are dismissed from the Pre-clinical Program, or are permitted to take a re-sit of the examination. Students are permitted to sit the PCSCE a maximum of two times, as determined by the APRC.
  3. Students who do not meet the nonacademic standards may be dismissed or may be allowed to continue in the preclinical program on Monitored Progress for Nonacademic Reasons for a specified period of time with a prescribed course load. Students are monitored in accordance with the method described in their letter, issued by the Office of the Dean of Students, defining the terms of their Monitored Progress for Nonacademic Reasons.