Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Student Advising at SGU School of Medicine

The Pre-Clinical Program utilizes a four-tiered advising system for its students:

  • Academic Coach:

Each student in the Pre-Clinical Program is assigned to an academic coach who is available to provide academic advice to students. These faculty provide advice regarding academic options (e.g., withdrawing from the program, taking a Leave of Absence, and improving academic performance, program expectations).

  • Learning Strategies Advice:

Students in need of specific skills training (e.g., study skills, time-management skills, test- taking skills) may seek help from a member of faculty the Learning Strategies Team in the Department of Educational Services (DES).

  • Academic Mentor:

All teaching faculty in Basic Sciences provide office hours every week to students of each term.

  • Wellness Advice:

Students who seek counsel for non-academic personal reasons are met by faculty in the Dean of Students Office who are skilled in attending to student wellness. Referrals may be made to other campus support services (e.g., Student Health Services, the Psychological Services Center, Student Financial Department).