Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

Course and Clerkship Participation

Students are expected to participate fully and for the duration of all required activities of the MD program and should be present from the start to the end date of each term. Students should consult the official academic calendar for the published start and end dates for each term, prior to making travel arrangements.

Travel conflicts are not valid reasons for missing required course activities. (See

The faculty considers participation to be an essential component of professionalism. Students must participate in all required educational activities as defined by Course and Clerkship directors. Such academic activities include (but are not limited to) lectures, labs, small group discussion, directed learning activities, examinations, SGU Wisdom and continuous quality improvement measures such as module and instructor evaluations. Course directors take participation into account when determining grades. Non-participation may adversely affect grades and may result in a failing grade. Make-Up’s will not be offered for any missed activities. Students should consult their course Syllabi for additional information related to course participation.