Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

The Graduation Assessment Board (GAB) monitors the performance of all clinical students as they progress towards graduation and approves those students for graduation who have completed the curriculum established by the Council of Deans. To be eligible for graduation, a student must satisfactorily complete 80 weeks of clinical training after the successful completion of the 77 weeks of Basic Principles of Medicine and Principles of Clinical Medicine. Based on assessments throughout the Four-Year MD Program, the School of Medicine graduates those students that have developed the competencies intended by the Overarching Goals.


All candidates must:

  1. Meet the requirements of all the courses and clinical rotations and have satisfactorily completed the 157 week curriculum.
  2. Complete additional training and assessment for any failing grade in a course or component of a clinical rotation..
  3. Be at least 21 years of age.
  4. Pursue the study of medicine for at least three years at St. George’s University School of Medicine.
  5. Maintain acceptable professional behavior and standards.
  6. Be discharged of all indebtedness to the University.
  7. Comply with the requirements for admission.
  8. Be approved for graduation by the Graduation Assessment Board (GAB).

HONORS DESIGNATIONS (effective July 1, 2020)

Magna Cum Laude (with great honor)

  • Students graduating with a cumulative WMPG of 92.00%-94.99%

Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors)

  • Students graduating with a cumulative WMPG between 95.00%+

Cum Laude (with honors)

  • Students graduating with a cumulative WMPG between 90.00%-91.99%


The SOM Honors MD Honors Program is designed to enhance competitiveness for residency and to highlight academic and professional excellence in the SOM. It is available to students that demonstrate consistently high performance in medical knowledge, medical skills and professional behaviors throughout their tenure in the MD Program. This official Honors Program is recognized by certificate at the end of Basic Sciences (and also recognized at graduation if the performance standards are maintained throughout clerkships.). In addition, a special mention will be placed in the MSPE letter for Residency match. There are also opportunities to enroll in honors selectives in the first 2 years. Honors selectives are for credit and published on the student transcript.

Honors certificates will be awarded at the end of the second year for all students successfully completing the Honors Program, and those students that maintain their performance through clerkships, will graduate with honors distinctions.

Criteria for the Honors Program certificate:

1. CUM WMPG maintained ≥87.00% in Terms 2-5

2. Meets all professionalism and course compliance standards

3. Is in good standing in the university community and has upheld all standards of the honor code

4. Participation in Honors selectives

Criteria for graduating with honors designation:

1. CUM WMPG maintained ≥87.00% in Terms 2-5

2. WMPG of ≥87.00% maintained throughout clerkships

3. Meets all professionalism and course compliance standards

4. Is in good standing in the university community and has upheld all standards of the honor code

All students meeting the defined criterion for the Honors Program certificate are automatically enrolled in the Honors Program in the Basic Sciences and will receive a letter from the Dean of Basic Sciences at the end of each term confirming their status.

Additional opportunities

A number of Honors selectives will be available for Honors Program students; these for-credit selectives recognize contributions to the MD program through participation in curricular events and initiatives run by the Dean of Basic Sciences Office and in partnership with the faculty of the SOM. Some examples include certificate of instructorship for point-of-care ultrasound, sponsorship for conference attendance, sponsored short-term research opportunities in hospitals in the USA and networking opportunities with Residency Program Directors.

The Honors selectives are part of the criteria for students in the Honors Program and will show as earned credits on a student’s transcript but they are non-degree bearing coursework.

SGU Wisdom

SGU SOM is the first medical school in the world to use a safe digital platform designed to help Advisors and other SGU leaders understand what matters to students. It also provides a secure way for students to learn a little bit about each other. This platform is called SGU Wisdom, and it’s all about listening.

Students are required to go to SGU Wisdom, sign up, and complete the My Self section, it takes less than 10 minutes.

Completion of SGU Wisdom is mandatory. Failure to complete it by the specified deadline may lead to loss of professionalism points.

There is a section called Snapshots for Colleagues (a section that other students can access) and Snapshots for Leaders (a little more about students that advisors and other leaders can access) in real time. It’s a great opportunity to make the SGU community even stronger.