Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

Missed Exam Policies


In rare instances, medical reasons may prevent a student taking an examination as scheduled. Students are entitled to one Medical Excuse for examinations per 12-month period. The student receives an “I” for the exam grade and is permitted to take the Completion Examination. Students take the Completion Examination after the semester ends, as per the official schedule on the OEP/Registrar site.

Students should consider this completion examination period when scheduling end of term travel. Travel conflicts are not a valid reason for missing an examination; examinations will not be re-scheduled to accommodate student travel.

Students should use their Medical Excuse wisely as no additional excused absences for examinations will be allowed. If a student does not take an examination as scheduled and has already used his/her Medical Excuse in the prior 12-month period, then the student will receive a “0” grade for the examination.

Students with extenuating circumstances for missing an additional examination should seek guidance from the Dean of Basic Science Office.


To submit a Medical Excuse, the student uses the “SOM Examinations” link on the Carenage portal at This self-report form should be submitted before the end of the scheduled examination time. The Medical Excuse covers all exams within a 7-day period starting from the date of submission of the Medical Excuse. If a student becomes able to take some or all of the examinations during the timeframe covered by the Medical Excuse, he/she may take any remaining examinations. If a student makes a second Medical Excuse request within 12 months, then the student receives a written notice about his/her ineligibility for a second Medical Excuse and is apprised of the consequences of missing the examination(s).

Note: Students may not request a Medical Excuse once they have started an exam. Once a student has started an exam, a score will be submitted and contribute to the student’s grade, irrespective of how much of the exam is completed. Therefore, students are strongly discouraged from taking an exam if they are unwell.


Any student with an approved absence who misses an examination will temporarily receive a zero score for the missed examination and an Incomplete grade for the course.

Any student who is not approved to miss any examination must appear before a Dean of Basic Sciences panel, who will determine the academic penalty to the students’ course grade for the absence. The student will then receive a zero score for the missed examination and an Incomplete grade for the course.

To rectify the zero score, the student must sit the scheduled completion exam.

Students must take a Completion Examination as per the master School of Medicine schedule (published on the OEP/Registrar site ( Regardless of which examination is missed, all Completion Examinations are held approximately one week after the end of the semester. No additional Completion examinations will be offered.

Students who do not take the scheduled Completion Examination to rectify their zero score and their Incomplete grade will receive a failing grade for the course.


Basic Principles of Medicine (BPM) and Principles of Clinical Medicine (PCM) Courses

The course requirements and grading policy are specified in each course syllabus for Terms 1-5. Students’ transcripts reflect their achievement of course requirements and their academic performance.

Students who wish to contest an examination score should contact the Course Director in writing within 24-hours of the posting of the score. Students who wish to contest a final course grade should contact the Course Director in writing within 24-hours of the posting of the grade. Students should state the basis for contestation (e.g., error in calculation, missing points, etc.). The Course Director will review the students’ score or grade and report the result of the review in writing to the student and the Dean of Basic Sciences before the deadline for grade finalization. If the matter remains unresolved, students may submit a written appeal to the Dean of Basic Sciences within 24 hours of receiving the written determination from the Course Director.