Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

SOM Registration Requirements

All students in terms 1 -5 will be automatically pre-registered for their required courses and must complete registration check-in on or before the first day of each term as scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar.

The Office of Clinical Studies makes hospital assignments and schedules all clerkships in year 3 based on the clinical sites available and Student Preference forms. Students schedule rotations in year 4 in concert with school personnel.


To register for Terms 1 – 5, students must have financial clearance, academic clearance and health insurance. Students who are not in good financial standing are required to work with the Office of Student Finances to resolve their outstanding balances. If students are recipients of federal and/or alternate student loans, all required documentation must be received before financial clearance is provided. School of Medicine students in Terms 2 through 5 may require program clearance from the Dean of Basic Sciences.

Students in dual degree programs (MD/MSc, MD/MBA or MD/MPH) need clearance from their Graduate Studies Program advisor; they will then register for both programs simultaneously, if applicable. Students should not proceed to Grenada without financial and academic clearance.

More information on registration, billing and late payments is in the General Student Manual.