Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

Review of Student Performance for Progress, Promotion and Retention

During the first two years, the Academic Progress Review Committee (APRC), which is composed of faculty, reviews the academic performance of students following each examination and at the end of each term. Based on its review of students’ timeline and academic achievement, the APRC advises and/or makes recommendations about the progress, promotion and retention of students according to the established MD standards.

During its post-exam interim reviews, the APRC identifies students who are not likely to meet satisfactory academic progress standards. The Dean of Basic Sciences office communicates with students who are deficient and refers students for Academic Advising as required. The Interactive Team Instruction (ITI) delivery method of the MD program or the Credit Remediation (CR) option (see ITI and CR sections) may be offered to students not likely to meet standards by the end of the academic term.

During its end of term performance review, the APRC identifies students who are deficient in meeting standards. These students may be allowed to remain in their program on Monitored Academic Status (MAS), or they may be recommended for dismissal.

Students have the option to appeal any recommendation for dismissal (see below). Students who are retained will be placed on a Period of Academic Focus.

Timeline delays and failure to meet standards may affect Financial Aid. Students should be encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office ( regarding these concerns to determine how Monitored Academic Status, a Period of Academic Focus or a timeline extension may affect their financial aid.