Last updated on October 26th, 2021

In order to be considered a full-time student in the School of Veterinary Medicine at St.George’s University you must be enrolled for at least 9 credits. Registering for 7-8 credits constitutes three quarter-time status. For half-time student status you must be enrolled for at least 6 credits. Below 5 credits constitutes less than half-time status. For financial aid eligibility you must be registered at least half-time (6 or more credit hours), For financial information concerning academic progress, please see the SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS STANDARDS AND IMPACT ON FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID.



Essential abilities and characteristics for completion of the DVM degree consists of certain sensory, physical and cognitive abilities and emotional characteristics to assure that candidates for admission, promotion, and graduation are able to complete the entire course of study and participate fully in all aspects of DVM training, with or without accommodations. It is the policy of the SVM to provide qualified students who have disabilities with reasonable accommodations.  It is the responsibility of a student seeking an accommodation to notify the Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services in the Dean of Students Office, complete an application and provide the required documentation and information.

Compensation  through technology for deficiencies in any of the areas outlined above or below may be acceptable; however, such compensation should not preclude a candidate’s abilities to act reasonably and independently. The use of a trained intermediary would mean that a candidate’s judgment must be mediated by another person’s power of selection and observation; therefore, third parties cannot be used to assist students in accomplishing curricular requirements in the tasks specified below, where the candidate’s judgment would be so mediated as a result.

Registration and Check-In

All students registered in the veterinary medical program are subject to the policies and regulations of both the School of Veterinary Medicine and St. George’s University as stipulated in this manual, irrespective of matriculation date. All students are required to complete the check-in process on or before the first day of classes each term as scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar. Students in dual degree programs (DVM/MPH or DVM/MSc) are required to meet with  their Graduate Studies Program Advisor and obtain clearance; they will then register/ check-in for both programs simultaneously.

The final year of veterinary clinical training is scheduled through the School of Veterinary Medicine. Students must appear at the assigned educational institution as advised and follow the course registration procedures of that particular institution. Failure to appear as scheduled may result in dismissal from the University.

In order to check-in for Terms 1 through 6 of the veterinary medical program in Grenada, students must have academic, financial and health insurance clearance. Students who are not in good financial standing are required to work with the Office of Student Finances to resolve their outstanding balances. If students are recipients of federal and/or alternate student loans, all required documentation must be received before financial clearance is provided Students should not proceed to Grenada without financial and academic clearance. Students in Terms 7, 8, and 9 should follow the procedure established at their assigned clinical institution. They will be notified of any registration holds by email

Late Registration/Check-In Fee

Students who check-in after the first day of classes will be charged a late registration/check-in fee. This serves to encourage students to be present and accounted for on the first day of classes. Students are allowed to return late within the allotted period; however, this will not exempt them from this fee.

Students will be billed according to the following schedule:

First day of late registration period US $ 50.00
Second day of late registration period US $100.00
Third day of late registration period US $150.00
Fourth day of late registration period US $200.00
Fifth day of late registration period US $250.00
Sixth day of late registration period US $300.00

There are no exceptions or waivers to this late fee.

Students should note that if they check-in and begin classes late, they will miss important academic concepts and their grades may suffer. Late registration will not be considered a mitigating factor for poor academic performance.


Soon after check-in, the Dean of Students assigns all matriculated students  a Faculty Advisor. The role of the faculty advisor is to counsel students in academic and nonacademic matters. All students are expected to meet with their advisor regularly. All students who demonstrate poor academic performance should see their advisor immediately for appropriate direction.

In order to provide appropriate guidance, faculty advisors interact with other offices of the University, such as the Dean of Students and the Department of Educational Services. Faculty advisors play an important role at the time of academic progression and in the appeals process described later. The views of faculty advisors and their interview summaries are filed with the SVM Associate Dean of Students for future reference (for example, Dean’s Letters).