Last updated on September 22nd, 2021

Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to attend all classes and clinical rotations for which they have registered. Although attendance may not be recorded at every academic activity, attendance may be taken randomly.

  • Students’ absence may adversely affect their academic status as specified in the grading policy.
  • If absence from individual classes, examinations, and activities, or from the University itself is anticipated, or occurs spontaneously due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, proper notification procedures must be followed.
  • A particular course may define additional policies regarding specific attendance or participation.


Medical Excuse

There are specific medical excuse guidelines in each School or program. Please check the appropriate section in this Manual.

Non-Medical Excuse

If, due to a catastrophic event or emergency, students are unable to attend any mandatory activity, they must immediately notify the Dean of Students by email.

  • For students in the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Graduate Studies, and the School of Veterinary Medicine, the Dean of Students Office will make a determination based upon information provided, and will notify the course directors as to the validity of the absence, requesting that the course directors make arrangements for remediation of the missed activity.
  • For the School of Medicine, the Dean of Students Office will forward the information for the Office of the Dean of Basic Sciences to make the final determination.

Religious Observance

Should a student need to reschedule an exam date for reason of religious observance, the student must notify the Dean of Students (DOS) no later than 30 days after the start of the term with the request. The DOS will inform Course Directors of such student requests as soon as practicable.

There may be specific attendance rules in a given School or program. Please check the appropriate section in this Manual.