Last updated on September 22nd, 2021

Course and Instructor Critiques

Students are expected to attend all classes and other related academic activities as defined for each course by the course director. One such academic activity is participation in the St. George’s University (SGU) Course and Instructor Critique Program.

Student participation in the Evaluation Process is mandatory.

When requested, students in a course are expected to complete all required faculty and course evaluations.  The critiques coordinator notifies students when evaluation periods have begun and sends periodic reminders to ensure that critiques are submitted within the allotted time frame.  Failure to complete all required course and instructor critiques means that students did not fulfill all course requirements.

The Importance of Evaluation

Evaluation is a necessary component of any course.  Just as students anticipate a fair and accurate evaluation for their performance and achievement in a course, SGU requires that faculty and course evaluations be completed each term.  Continual evaluation and assessment of faculty ensures that the instructional program not only remains consistent, but also improves as students’ needs and expectations are considered.

Providing Feedback

At the beginning of each term, course directors will address the class and summarize the results of the course and instructor critiques from the previous term. In this summary, course directors will report areas that students rated highly and areas that received the lowest ratings.

For areas receiving low ratings, the course director details what changes were made to address students’ concerns, thus ensuring that course evaluation influences course design and delivery.