Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

Types of Hearings


The Dean of Students can conduct the informal hearing, unless the Dean of Students appoints any other member of the faculty/administration to conduct the hearing.

  1. The University does not automatically call witnesses to support the issues to be reviewed, although the Dean of Students may gather any additional information needed, including the interview of a witness.
  2. Students will be informed of any additional information gathered by the Dean of Students or designee.
  3. The responding student may call witnesses and present evidence
  4. The hearing is scheduled at the convenience of the responding student and the Dean of Students or designee.
  5. Normally there is no attorney or advisor present.
  6. Brief written decision (with or without a findings of fact) will serve as the record and will be communicated within ten days of the final meeting with the student


The Judiciary Board hears serious violations of the Honor Code and Code of Conduct. For students in the School of Medicine, violations of the principles listed in the Clinical Training Manual entitled “Professional Conduct and Responsibilities” are handled by the Judiciary Board. The procedures and policies of the Judiciary Board and the Student-Faculty Judiciary Board can be found in St. George’s University Judicial Disciplinary Process.

A copy of St. George’s University Judicial Disciplinary Process can be found on the University Portal