Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

Staff and Students must obtain parking decals to be allowed access to SGU campus and facilities.

The number of spaces on campus is limited and the University reserves the right to adjust the number of spaces allocated to student, faculty and staff.

Several types of Parking Decals are available: STAFF or STUDENT.  Assigned parking locations are different for each category.

To obtain a Parking Decal, the following documents must be provided to the DPS Office in the Westerhall building or online as appropriate:
  • Valid Driver’s license for Grenada
  • SGU ID for the current term
  • Valid Vehicle insurance policy
  • Make, model, registration and license (disk) number of
  • Completed decal application form

Such permit may be provided for a designated time period to students  needing special consideration on a long or short-term basis. To obtain such a permit, a Student must apply through the office of Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services (SAAS), Dean of Students Office (Bourne Center-2nd Floor).  Students will need to bring a medical document from the SGU clinic stating the need for the permit.  If a permit is issued, the permit must be visible in the dashboard window at all times and the person issued the permit must be driving the vehicle.


Persons or departments expecting a visitor to campus may telephone the SGU security booth ahead of time to request a visitor permit for guest vehicles. If not organized in advance, staff in the security booth will check first with the visitor and call the department for verification. The Visitor Permit will be dated and valid for the day of issue only.


If a student, faculty or staff is selling their SGU registered vehicle, the responsibility remains with the original owner, they must return the old decal to the Security Office in order to get a new one or remove the decal and return to DPS if no new one is required. This also applies to a damaged vehicle. If the vehicle is sold and the decal was not removed, the person to whom the decal was issued will be responsible for any fine incurred should the vehicle be ticketed.

Persons may transfer a permit to a new or second vehicle but must register the new vehicle with DPS before doing so.


All SGU staff, faculty and students can use the permit from the prior semester until the last day of the first month of the new academic term. Parking must be in the appropriate designated area according to the type of permit.


There are no pick-up, drop-off or waiting zones in the immediate vicinity of academic buildings (lecture halls, Library) or bus stops.

Existing zones are located near the Welcome Center and Maurice Alpert Hall. Additional sites will be added as building construction allows.  When dropping off, driver must stay with the vehicle and exit campus right away. Anyone staying on campus must receive a Visitor Pass.


Permission for long term parking over holidays and vacations must be requested in advance from DPS. Long-term parking will be provided ONLY in specific areas and a vehicle key must be left with DPS.

The key should be delivered to DPS in an envelope marked with the Name, Registration and an Emergency Contact Number. In the event that DPS does not have a key, the vehicle will be removed at the owner’s cost and risk.


All scooters and motorbikes must be parked in designated scooter spaces only.  Current locations are behind St John Hall and the Sis Hall (designated spaces), and behind St. Patrick’s Hall and  St. Andrew’s Hall. Designated areas may change as campus construction and availability changes.  Changes will be communicated to the University Community in advance. Scooters parked on the sidewalk will be ticketed and/or clamped.


No parking, pick-ups, drop-offs or waiting are allowed within 15 feet of a pedestrian crossing area.

Vehicles are required to yield to pedestrians at all marked or painted crossings.


Parking is allowed in designated, assigned areas only.

Parking in a non-designated, unassigned area is not permitted, even in the absence of NO PARKING signs. If your assigned lot is not available, overflow parking is permitted in the Student Car Park only. If the Student Car Park is not available off-site parking is available in the Container Park, with a valid SGU permit