St. George’s University’s “(SGU” or the “University”) recognizes the value and potential of web enabled technology as a tool to support and communicate the University’s broader mission and to enhance SGU’s value to audiences both on and off campus.   This Web Presence and Publishing Policy supports the vision, mission, goals and values of the University. This policy seeks to establish standards and guidelines that will protect SGU’s reputation and brand, and complies with SGU policies, applicable laws, and regulations.


This policy applies to faculty, staff, departments, programs and recognized University organizations and clubs.  This policy applies to all online material made available via standard web protocols that represent an official unit or activity of the University, are hosted on University resources, or bear marks, logos, or symbols that might imply endorsement by the University regardless of where they are hosted.

Official University Web Presence

Official University webpages represent University schools, departments, and organizations and are housed on SGU owned webpages.  Official pages should reflect the mission, goals and objectives of SGU, conform to guidelines, policies and procedures defined within this policy, conform to the visual standards set forth in SGU’s Brand Guidelines, and use official webpage templates provided by SGU.  Official pages may include affiliated webpages.  Affiliated webpages represent certain groups, organizations, activities and interests associated with the University and are accessible through links on official SGU pages.  Affiliated pages should be consistent with the mission, goals, or objectives of the University and should conform to the guidelines, policies, and procedures defined within this policy.

Other University Web Presence, webpages, social media pages or accounts governed by this policy meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Accounts that include “St. George’s University” or “SGU” in the name, profile or handle
  • School, department or program accounts
  • University approved student organizations or clubs
  • Accounts that are linked to sgu.edu or an approved affiliate website

Any other webpages, social media pages or accounts that fit the criteria shall be considered affiliated and should not be created on anonymous platforms.


  • Official SGU websites, affiliated webpage, social media pages or accounts and electronic publications are official University publications.  Their content may not be copied, modified, used on other websites or re-purposed without express, written permission. As official SGU publications, they are subject to the policies and standards for the University’s publications as found in the SGU Brand Guidelines. The use of the University name, symbols, emblems, logos, seal, and colors shall comply with this guide.
  • Students, faculty and staff, and any external designated parties who manage the website on behalf of SGU should be using IT approved platforms for their online presence.
  • Students, faculty and staff, and any external designated parties who manage the website on behalf of SGU should contact IT Support before designing and building a website that will include information about SGU.
  • Websites, social media pages or accounts, and electronic publications not officially affiliated with SGU, shall not exhibit SGU branded templates, name, symbols, emblems, logos, colors, seal, or recreate content or functionality provided by SGU and University-affiliated publications and web pages.
  • SGU reserves the right to remove from any SGU server or communications system utilizing the University’s network or name space, any webpage or publication it believes to be in violation of SGU’s Web Presence and Publishing Policy.
  • If web content is found to be in violation of any SGU policies, if traffic to a page has a negative impact on the operation of SGU, or if there is a security threat to SGU the University has the authority to remove the page without prior notice and/or refer the complaint for appropriate action.
  • Any website that uses an SGU email address in an unsecure environment or manner will be requested for immediate removal and will need to be reviewed for compliance and clean up in coordination with IT Support
  • SGU should not be falsely represented on unapproved websites or online platforms If falsely represented, the website will be requested for immediate removal and will need to be reviewed for compliance and clean up in coordination with IT Support.

University Portal Guidelines

  • The SGU University Portal is the preferred platform for online content for the consumption of SGU student, faculty and staff.
  • When using the connect and share features and functionalities of the University Portal all users must comply with the George’s University Social Media Policy.
  • Any requests for a community on the University Portal should be submitted via IT Support