Full-Time Faculty Benefits

Some of the benefits associated with employment include competitive salary with yearly cost of living increase; generous vacation package; non-tenure track system; paid sabbatical (after six years of employment); access to childcare, health care, and veterinary facilities; and generous annual conference attendance allowance.

Eligibility: After six years of full-time employment at St. George’s University.
Details: Able to take a four-month paid sabbatical to pursue professional and educational development goals.

Current SGU salaries are competitive with equivalent positions in the US.

Promotion is based on a combination of educational, experience, and performance standards. Performance standards include teaching, research, and service. At present, the minimum timelines are:

  • Instructor to Assistant Professor: 1 year and PhD or equivalent terminal degree
  • Assistant to Associate Professor: 3 years
  • Associate to Professor: 5 years

Restaurant, Blenders bar, swimming pool, and water sports equipment.

Faculty members can attend one professional conference per year after they have been employed full-time for one year and their appointment has been renewed for the upcoming year. The benefit, which is linked to and increases with the yearly Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), covers most conference expenses such as conference registration, travel, and accommodation, and includes a per diem allowance. Furthermore, faculty members who have a research paper accepted for presentation at a conference are also eligible to apply, through the School of Graduate Studies, to receive support to enable them to attend the meeting.

A limited number of small grants, not exceeding $3,000, are available to faculty for support of research initiatives, graduate student research, etc.

Scholarships to complete advanced degrees are available to faculty within those departments which offer graduate degree programs.

Faculty are employed and paid on a 12-month contract but are required to fulfill a 10-month contractual period each year.

Based on US consumer price index, inflation, changes in basic cost of living, etc. As approved by the Board of Trustees.