• SGU’s off-campus Safety Patrol is available for 24/7 assistance.

Emergency Contacts

Department of Public Safety (DPSS) Emergency Line777
Department of Public Safety – Non-Emergency Line1 (473) 444-3898

Important Numbers

Financial Aid
US and Canada1 (800) 899-6337, ext. 1232
United Kingdom08001699061, ext. 1232
Grenada(473) 444-3991
Others(631) 665-8500, ext. 1232
Student Finances
US and Canada1 (800) 899-6337, ext. 1268
United Kingdom08001699061, ext. 1268
Others(631) 665-8500, ext. 1268
US and Canada1 (800) 899-6337, ext. 1342
United Kingdom08001699061, ext. 1342
Grenada(473) 444-4357
Others(631) 665-8500, ext. 1342

Grenada Campus Telephone Directory

Security and Emergency
DPSS Emergency Number777. This number can be dialed from any SGU hard line or Grenadian cell phone
DPSS Non-Emergency Number(473) 444-3898
South St. George’s
Police Station EMERGENCY
South St. George
Police Station NON-EMERGENCY
(473) 444-4454
University Health Services Clinic Hours: 9 am – 12 pm/2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
For Emergency Medical Service 777


(473) 444-4671
Clinic Doctor On Callext. 2146
Clinic Nurseext. 2119
Psychological Services Center (PSC)
Phone(473) 439-2277

The PSC is found on the top floors of Campeche Hall. Comprehensive services are available to all SGU students and employees. For more information, please visit sgu.edu/psc.

True Blue Campus
RA On Call(473) 405-2891
Bamboo and Bromeliad Buildings, Room H2(473) 444-5414
Gouyave, Sauteurs, Grenville, Victoria, Anonyme Buildings, Room L1(473) 405-3925/444-3437
Cassia, Nutmeg, Neem, Providence, Springs, Westerhall Buildings, Room U2A(473) 444-3746
Calabash Building Y1 & YS(473) 444-1620
Westerhall, Carriacou Buildings, Suite Z1A Room A(473) 444-0794
St. George’s Hall(473) 439-4118
St. George’s Hall(473) 439-3884
St. Andrew’s Hall(473) 444-4130
St. Patrick’s Hall(473) 439-5536
St. Patrick’s Hall(473) 439-5537
St. David’s Hall(473) 439-6897
St. David’s Hall(473) 439-6916
St. David’s Hall(473) 439-6917
St. John’s Dormitory(473) 439-8313
St. John’s Dormitory(473) 439-8314
St. John’s Dormitory(473) 439-8316
Morris Alpert Hall(473) 439-8317
Morris Alpert Hall(473) 439-8318
Morris Alpert Hall(473) 439-8319
Morris Alpert Hall(473) 439-8320
St. Louis Hallext. 3791
St. Louis Hallext. 3792
St. Louis Hallext. 3793

On-Campus Emergency Protocol

  1. Call Campus Security for all emergencies (medical, criminal, safety). They can get you help right away (on campus or off campus)

  2. EMERGENCY LINE, DIAL: 777 from any SGU line or any Grenadian cell phone.

  3. Non emergencies DIAL (473) 444-3898. Family members off island in an emergency please dial a 1 before the number and security can assist you.

  4. If you are the victim of a crime, call the local police at 911 or direct (473) 444-4454/1535-1537

  5. Always also notify Call Campus Security – EMERGENCY LINE DIAL: 777

Off-Campus Emergency Protocol

  1. Call 911 to reach local police.
  2. DPSS Emergency #: 777. This number is a dedicated line that rings at the True Blue campus. It can be dialed by any SGU hard line or Grenadian cell phone.
  3. Local police non-emergency: (473) 444-4454/1535-1537

Campus Security has protocols for all kinds of emergencies:

  • Safety Patrol can be dispatched and will respond and assist police.

  • DPSS can coordinate transportation to the clinic or the General Hospital, and will contact the Clinic for you.

  • Security can connect you with other support services. Counselors or administrators are on call and will step in to help local police help you.