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We’re So Proud. You Should Be, Too.

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to reach this milestone moment and SGU couldn’t be prouder of your achievements. We have the utmost confidence that you have been equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to make a positive impact on the world, at a time when it’s most needed. We celebrate your accomplishments and look forward to your future successes.  

On this page, we will capture some of these moments of celebration—on social media, with photos, through stories. Show us how you are celebrating this important milestone by including the hashtag #SGUGrad on your posts. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces here at SGU! 

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The best way to take part in the celebration is through using our hashtag—#SGUGrad. 

Simply add it to your post. It will automatically appear on this page, and by clicking on it on any social media channel, you and your classmates will be able to see the excitement that’s going on around you.

Favorite SGU Memory

“My favorite SGU memory is celebrating post exams on Grand Anse beach with all my best friends. Going to medical school on a beautiful island creates such a unique experience that I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life!”

“Jumping off of the cliff in our white coats to celebrate the end of our time on the island.”

“My favorite SGU memory would have to be the first day I moved to Grenada. I literally had no idea what I was getting myself into, I was terrified. And then I met other students on the plane ride and it seemed less frightening. Over the next few days, I began to cultivate friendships with an amazing group of people I’m happy to call my colleagues. Without them I wouldn’t have finished as strong as I did. SGU will become your home away from home and will always remain in your memory.”

“My favorite memories include going to Grand Anse beach after each exam, everyone would be rushing the buses to get there, then we would spend the entire afternoon hanging out and actually relaxing, then watching the sunset on the beach knowing we had no stress.”

“It was the 2nd week of first term and I randomly chose an open desk at the front the lecture hall next to a sweet classmate. What started out as a study partner, grew into a friendship and finally blossomed into my confidant and, now, fiance ❤️ I would not have ever met my future husband, favorite co-worker, and best friend without SGU!”

“Those breaks in between lectures were everything to me! The absolute, carefree bliss of chilling under the trees outside Patrick Adams, laughing with friends and enjoying the views of the sea are some of my fondest memories. Oh, and sprinting up the hill to buy the banana bread.”

“Dancing in the ICSA show! In term 1, one of the girls in my anatomy lab group asked if I wanted to join a Bollywood dance group, and we ended up keeping our group – Respiratory Distress – together through all of our terms on the island. Fast forward a few years and that same girl is one of my bridesmaids at my corona-postponed-wedding!”

“There are so many! I think the winners are the two American thanksgivings we managed to produce while in Grenada – one of which involved KFC as the bird for the meal.”

“My favorite SGU memory was living in Grenada. Learning to live in a new culture and studying what I am passionate about on the most beautiful island is something I am so fortunate to have been able to experience. There were obviously very challenging times while living in Grenada but looking back it will always be one of the best times of my life.”

“Celebrating U.S. holidays in Grenada. It was pretty emotionally complex to miss out on festivities back home: not being with family, not necessarily having access to nostalgic foods/drinks/activities, having to settle for Facetime calls instead of hugs etc. (shoutout quarantine 2020). What made it special was getting together with close friends who were also missing home, and taking a day off from studying to celebrate. We all chipped in to decorate, set up games, music, cook, and filled in as family to each other.”

“My favorite memories of SGU revolve around my friends: hanging out on the beach, exploring new corners
of Grenada, getting delirious while spending late nights studying for exams, taking breaks and doing fun things like cooking in our tiny dorm kitchens, Friday night dinners at Chabad, and best of all, just good times with great friends.

There will be memories of the white coat ceremony and finally feeling like my journey to medical school had begun, my time on the JSA board and bringing together a great community, meeting the great staff at Grenada General Hospital when we would bring in donations for the patients, meeting the wonderful administration that runs our school, and getting to know some amazing mentors.”

“The beaches, the mango trees, the rainbows, the roaming goats, the waterfall hikes…so many beautiful memories that I will surely cherish for many years to come. However, today I am able to say that my favorite memory was failing my very first medical school exam. I remember the grades were released in the middle of lecture and when I saw my score of 60% I just felt so defeated. With my eyes welled with tears, I walked out of class. I graduated from nursing school almost 10 years prior to starting medical school and the truth was, after being out of the classroom for so long, I had no idea how to study. It took a while, but I finally figured things out.”

Messages from Faculty and Staff

Dr. CV Rao

Dean of Students

Dr. James Coey

Assistant Dean of Basic Sciences

Beverly Adams-Baptiste

Faculty Librarian

Bennye Rodgers

Primary Advisor

Dwight Williams


Chris Parke

Deputy Director, Fitness and Wellness Centre

Dr. Satesh Bidaisee

Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Alumni Well Wishes

As an alumnus of St. George’s University, you are a valuable member of our family. We appreciate that you chose SGU as a launching point for your career, and our administration, faculty, and staff applaud your efforts, both to get where you are and where you’re going. 

Although you are no longer with us in Grenada, we hope that you will stay involved with SGU, however you can. 

Jack Cush

MD ’81

Francesca Giliberti

MD ’10

Michael Hansen

MD ’08

Gol Goshani

MD ’14

Orazio Giliberti

MD ’82

Ryan Kruse

MD ’13

 Ninad Desai

MD ’19

Josh Ramjist

MD ’11

Douglas Bush

MD ’10

Benjamin Schoener

MD ’12

SGU Alumni Association

The SGU School of Medicine Alumni Association (SOMAA) welcomes you to its network of more than 17,000 alumni.  As our gift to you, we’d like to offer you a complimentary membership to SOMAA.  Register through the button below and enter the code Resident20.

Bruce Bonanno

MD ’83

President of SGUSOM Alumni Association

Proud SGU Parents

We thank and congratulate all of the parents who supported their child on the journey toward fulfilling their dreamYour guidance throughout their studies complemented your child’s drive to succeed, and now with their degree in hand, we join you in celebrating their incredible accomplishment. We salute all of our SGU parents for believing in and encouraging your child to reach this monumental day.  

At SGU, we recognize the importance that parents play in their children’s lives and we want to know more about you. We invite you to join our SGU Parents Group to assist parents of future SGU students, currents students, and graduates.


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