Alfred Chikweto

Alfred Chikweto, BVM, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor, Veterinary Pathology Department of Pathobiology

Qualifications: BVM, MSc, PhD

Dr. Alfred Chikweto is an Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology in the Department of Pathobiology at St. George’s University. He instructs veterinary students in Veterinary Pathology (necropsy), Avian diseases, and research.  Dr. Chikweto’s main focus of research is molecular characterization of the zoonotic parasite, Toxoplasma gondii in animals. His other areas of research include neoplasia and cryptosporidiosis in animals.

Dr. Chikweto has authored and co-authored 65 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has been a reviewer for a wide range of journals such as Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Parasitology, Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology, Canadian Veterinary Journal, Acta Tropica, etc. He is a member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at St. George’s University.

Before moving to St. George’s University, Dr. Chikweto worked for the University of Zambia, School of Veterinary Medicine as a house surgeon of Veterinary Pathology.