Dolland Noel

Dolland Noel, BSc, MD

Associate Dean of Clinical Studies, Grenada
Chair, Department of Internal Medicine
Chair, Department of Clinical Skills
Professor of Clinical Skills

Appointed Associate Dean of Clinical Studies in 2011, Dr. Noel is responsible for developing and coordinating clinical programs for third- and fourth-year medical students, and coordinating basic sciences programs in the hospital. Under his guidance, several interns graduate from the Clinical Teaching Unit at Grenada General Hospital each year. In addition, Dr. Noel is a lecturer within the School of Medicine, and the School of Arts and Sciences. He is also a consultant, and heads the Department of Medicine at Grenada General Hospital.

Prior to joining St. George’s University, Dr. Noel was the Chief Medical Resident of Mount Sinai School of Medicine Program at Queens Hospital Centre, Jamaica. He was also the Senior House Officer at Grenada General Hospital, where he operated in the fields of medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, surgery, and emergency medicine.