James Coey

James Coey, BM BMedSci (Hons), SFHEA

Assistant Dean of Basic Sciences (UK)
Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Anatomy, SGU/NU Program

Dr. James Coey is the associate chair and an associate professor in clinical anatomy at SGU. As the dean responsible for the partnership with Northumbria University and senior fellow of the Higher Education Authority (SFHEA), Dr. Coey continues to be actively involved in curriculum design and assessment along with the formulation and implementation of academic policies, procedure development, external accreditation processes and course management. Dr. Coey’s international clinical experience spans the United States (Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Boston), South Africa (Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Cape Town), Haiti (Hospital Bon Samaritan, Limbe), India (Raphael, Dehra Dun), and Thailand (Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Bangkok). He holds a diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene from Mahidol University, Thailand, and certificates in medical ultrasound from both Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, USA) and IUT (Delhi, India).Dr. Coey is also passionate about research as a means of delivering the knowledge, skills, and behaviors paramount to students’ evidence-based medical education. In 2013, he co-founded a collaborative research group with Northumbria University with several areas of interest, including pedagogy, 3D-printing, ultrasound and procedural anatomy. Fifty-plus abstracts have been presented at international conferences. Ongoing research projects range from investigating the motives and attitudes influencing body versus organ donation to surgical applications of 3D printing and human taphonomy.