Narindra Roopnarine

Narindra Roopnarine, DVM


Dr. Narindra Roopnarine has been an Instructor in Veterinary Anatomy for the past few years at St Georges University. He serves as a member of the SVM awards committee as well as a faculty advisor. Dr Roopnarine completed his DVM in 2016 and has practiced as a Veterinary clinician in Trinidad, and at SGU’s Small Animal Clinic. Currently, he is completing a master’s degree in Veterinary Anatomy at SGU. Dr Roopnarine has been conducting research on the reproductive biology of male birds, and has achieved a few publications on important aspects of his dissertation. He aims to complete a PhD in Veterinary Anatomy, while lecturing and conducting research. Besides academia, Dr. Roopnarine is an active member in various sporting activities and has a strong belief in well-roundedness. He holds a black belt and is an assistant instructor of kick boxing.