Nitsa Topale

Nitsa Topale, EdD

Associate Dean of Evaluation and Assessment
Associate Professor of Anatomical Sciences

Dr. Nitsa Topale was named associate dean of evaluation and assessment in August 2021 following a four-year term as assistant dean of basic sciences. In her current role, she leads a team of faculty responsible for evaluating and assessing the basic sciences curriculum and student performance. Her duties include quality assurance, monitoring and mapping the curriculum, and medical education research.

Dr. Topale plays a central role in the design and implementation of data-driven innovations geared at enhancing student performance. Her most significant innovation has been the creation of a proactive system for monitoring, supporting, and enhancing student performance and progress, with responsive advising and intervention. Other contributions include the development of the interactive team instructional model; the academic advising division; the student learning community system; and the Health Promotion, Wellness and Professionalism (HPWP) module of the basic sciences curriculum.

With more than two decades of experience in medical education at St. George’s University, Dr. Topale’s contributions have been substantial and varied: as an educator, a researcher, and an administrator in the Department of Educational Services, Office of Educational Assessment and Development, and the Office of the Dean of Basic Sciences. Dr. Topale has a commitment to curriculum enhancement through faculty development, currently directing the Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Education. She also chairs and actively contributes to a number of SOM curriculum focus groups and committees: the Academic Progress Review Committee; Assessments Committee; and the focus groups for student advising, curriculum management and reform, NBME assessment, course evaluations, professionalism, accreditation, and faculty development.

Dr. Topale holds a PhD from Nova Southeastern University, Master of Education from the University of British Columbia, and Honors Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Western Ontario.