Sonia Cheetham-Brow

Sonia Cheetham-Brow, DVM, PhD

Professor, Associate Dean of Research

Dr. Cheetham is a Professor, Associate Dean of Research in the School of Veterinary Medicine where she is focused on virology and molecular biological techniques. As part of the veterinary virology team at SGU, her goals include being able to identify most viruses of animal importance as well as those that are potentially zoonotic.

Dr. Cheetham is also a Research Fellow at WINDREF. Her current research involves vector-borne viruses in bats and mosquitoes, as well as directing graduate students in research on Leptospira and other zoonotic bacteria in wildlife and domestic animals.

Dr. Cheetham earned her DVM from the University of Buenos Aires. She has a specialty in Public Health.   She received her PhD at The Ohio State University, studying under distinguished Professor Dr. Linda Saif.  Her thesis focused on the pathogenesis of a human gastroenteric virus (Norovirus) in the gnotobiotic pig model. She then did postdoctoral research in human colorectal cancer in the School of Medicine, University of British Columbia and BC Cancer Research Center. Her multiple experiences have resulted in a variety of topics in her publication record all in well renowned journals.