Standard Pet Vaccinations: What Does Your Animal Accomplice Need & Why? [Infographic]


It takes a lot to be a good pet owner. Love and attention can only go so far in keeping your beloved animal healthy. You also need to have a good veterinarian who can diagnose conditions and ward off medical issues before they become problematic. When it comes to prevention, administering pet vaccinations is among the most common strategies.

The vast majority of veterinarians recommend at least some vaccines for certain pets. But specific suggestions vary substantially from one animal to the next. Vets need to consider everything from species to age to geographic location when forming recommendations.

While you might not be able to predict exactly which shots are in your companion animal’s future, familiarizing yourself with the basics is a good first step. Start your vaccination education here.

An overview of standard pet vaccinations

Vaccination recommendations are different for each type of companion animal. Some pets don’t even require any at all. Scroll through this infographic to learn more about which immunizations your pet may need.

Advocate for animal health

Pet vaccinations are clearly important, so speak to your veterinarian to make sure you have a plan in place. Your vet can help you determine which, if any, noncore vaccinations you might want to consider based on your animal’s specific needs. And they can do much more than recommend appropriate vaccines.

Veterinarians are trained to perform surgeries, suggest preventive strategies, and more. Duties can also vary substantially depending on the vet’s area of focus. Learn more about different roles by reading our article, “5 Types of Veterinarians and What They Do.”

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